Williamson Produce

This is one of my favorite times of the year.  Strawberries are in season.  Bright red berries full of sweet flavor.  These strawberries are picked from the field right behind the stand.  They don’t get fresher unless you pick them yourself.

I alternate between getting a 3 pack of #1’s which are the big ones and the small ones.  The small ones are a little bit sweeter.  I noticed Williamson Produce was selling strawberries at Costco but like other supermarket strawberries they didn’t have much flavor.

New for this year are the strawberry flags.  You can see them going northbound on the 5 freeway and they indicate the stand is open for business.  I usually call before coming by.  Open 8-4pm most days till strawberry season is over in June.  My strawberry post from last year.
3102 Manchester Ave
Encinitas, CA 92007
(760) 753-8199

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  1. Such a cute flag! I like the smaller strawberries a bit more as they seem sweeter. Nothing like the fresh scent of strawberries!

    1. It’s nice they are sweeter and cheaper!

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