Williamson Produce

Sweet scent of strawberries fills the air.  Luscious red berries so juicy and full of sweetness.

View from the stand.

It’s that time of the year.  Strawberries are in season.  The Williamson Produce stand is my fav spot in town to get fresh strawberries. 

You can see them growing in the field behind the stand.  Picked ripe the same day they are as fresh as you will find anywhere.  I talked to the guy behind the counter and found out they start opening the stand for limited hours starting in December and the season ends in June.  He suggested calling 760 753 8199 first if you aren’t nearby.


I looked at the selection.  The ones with stems were 3 for $17.  The regular ones were 3 for $14.  The odd shaped were 3 for $8.  The small were 3 for $12.

They always have the regular ones and that’s what I normally get.  They layer the top of the basket with large strawberries while the smaller berries are underneath.  Berries have a sweet aroma and flavor.  I eat the ripest ones right away.  I leave another days worth on the counter to ripen a bit more.  

Regular / #1’s

The odd shaped ones are the cheapest but some of them grow split open.  These I use a knife to cut away the split part as it’s hardened from exposure from the elements.  Once the hard parts have been removed these strawberries taste the same as the regular ones.

View from the stand.

I’m gonna try to come by every weekend to get my strawberry fix before strawberry season ends.  My post from last year.

Williamson Produce
3102 Manchester Ave
Encinitas, CA 92007
(760) 753-8199

5 Replies to “Williamson Produce”

  1. Beautiful strawberry pictures! The clouds look so bright and lovely in the last. Hurry and go get yourself more strawberries! ????

    1. Thanks! I love clouds after it rains and the air is pure. I think I’ll get some Sunday…

      1. Yes, I know.? You do take lovely shots of our hemisphere.

  2. What a strange Friday Soo. Your Farmers Market list came up in yelp today and then I read this post about strawberries. Been craving berries bad recently so found it serendipitous to have read both those posts! I read about the U-Pick berries in Manchester (?) and heard the strawberries were terrible tasting. I hope to visit Williamson soon to try out their berries soon. I usually throw my berries in the fridge right away so thanks for the tip about leaving them out first.

    1. Tell me more about the U-Pick berries. I tried picking them in Carlsbad and they were delicious! Pricey though. If you get super ripe ones they should go right into the fridge. My strategy is to eat the super ripe ones. Put most in the fridge and leave out what I plan to eat in the next 24 hours.

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