Iron Pig Alehouse, Pacific Beach, CA


Outdoor seating
Outdoor seating
Happy Hour deals!
Happy Hour deals!

The scent was missing.  I was worried although this place is cool looking I didn’t smell smoke. 

Lovely dining and drinking area.  Friendly bartender.
Lots of booze to choose from!
Lots of booze to choose from!
Beautiful lights!
Beautiful lights!

The scent was unmistakable as my plate of ribs came out.  Baby back ribs smoked in hickory.  🙂  I breathed deep the delicious scent before I dug in.  Ribs were fall of the bone tender and a had a lovely smoke ring.  Flavor was part smoky, part savory and sweet.  Excellent.  🙂

Pork ribs with french fries!
Baby back ribs with french fries!

Fries have a crispy outside and a meaty delicious potato inside.  The flavor mixed with the magic dust like seasoning was awesome!  🙂  Their secret is the fries are made from fresh potatoes in-house.

Rib Tips

Rib tips were tasty like the ribs. 🙂 You can get them half off during happy hour 3-6pm weekdays.

Smoked chicken wings
Smoked chicken wings

Smoked chicken wings with regular bbq sauce.  Brined overnight they have a salty and smoky flavor.  The sauce gave the wings a nice extra kick.

High-tech smoker.
High-tech smoker.
Hickory for the smoker.

Place is nice and relaxing for a weekday lunch.  Bartender was really nice and provided great service.  The chef was awesome answering my questions and letting me take photos of the smoker and his wood.  Be warned though they hide the scent of the burning wood with a high tech smoker and ventilation system.


Iron Pig Alehouse
1520 Garnet Ave
San Diego, CA 92109

4 Replies to “Iron Pig Alehouse, Pacific Beach, CA”

  1. Oh that’s a generous slab of ribs Soo! I like the lonely piece of bread on that tray . Does the restaurant have a/c? Where did you guys park?

  2. The inside dining area does have AC. I remember a cold breeze from the vent in the ceiling. We go for happy hour at 3pm and park right in front of the restaurant. 🙂 Maggie loved the half off beer. 🙂

  3. It looks like you were very happy in this post. Smileys everywhere. We do not have a fancy ventilation system for our smoker so Dennis smells very yummy after cooking pork =D

    Is adding the description text under the picture one of the features from wordpress?

  4. Hi Lynn! I really enjoyed the food and Maggie loved the half off beer!

    I get a smoky smell all over me too when I grill on the patio. One of these days I should get a smoker too or we should hang out next time Dennis smokes!

    Yes. WordPress lets you caption your photos. It’s a cool feature. 🙂

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