• Breakfast
  • Darshan Bakery & Cafe

    The recipe is elementary.  Add sun, clouds, sky, and you have a lovely sunset.  Colors blend into one another. Clouds diffuse light from the sun.  No sunset is ever the same.  I never tire of these wonderful moments as the sun disappears from the sky.  

  • Breakfast
  • Bruegger’s Bagels

      Think I first fell in love with bagels and cream cheese back in high school. They had a pre-wrapped onion bagel smothered with cream cheese at the cafeteria. Always looked forward to my opportunity of snagging one in between classes. When Philadelphia cream cheese came out with the pineapple version for the first time […]

  • Breakfast
  • Jack In the Box – Convoy St

    I couldn’t sleep.  I needed a hot apple turnover.  I needed delicious fried pastry and apple filling flavor.  In the old days I could go to Jack In The Box to satisfy my craving for a hot apple turnover.  Now I have to go to Izzy’s Cafe.  I still visit Jack on my birthday to […]

  • Bbq
  • Bushfire Kitchen – Del Mar

    I have been in this parking lot before.  Back when the world was younger and more innocent hot air balloons filled the sky.  I followed them on my bike as they liked to land at my high school.  When I grew up I wanted to ride in one and look from on high as some […]