Pie Snob

I remember my first apple pie at this hole in the wall little donut shop.  Sweet scent of donuts wafted out to the street tempting me inside.  My mom would buy me a donut if I was good.  Eventually I wanted to try the apple pie.  Donuts were my gateway dessert.

Pie Snob has a nice selection of pies.
I tried the Apple Crumb Pie.  I love how the apple slices are thin sliced.  This is a really dense high quality pie unlike super market pies which are usually pumped full of sugar and syrup with a much lower apple content.  Crust was crunchy and nicely buttery.  Top crust had very tasty sugary bits.  Pie had huge apple flavor with just the right amount of sweetness.
Being so packed with apples I’ve had to slice the pieces smaller and it took me a week to finish.  I kept it in a plastic produce bag in the fridge to keep that delicious apple aroma from leaking out.  One of the best pies I’ve eaten.


Gray t-shirts are long enough to be a night shirt.
Words to live by.
Pie menu
To go with your pie menu.


On the website I notice you can special order an Apple Double Crust Pie.  One of these days I’m going to plan ahead and order one.  It’s a long drive to Phoenix but it’s worth it for the Pie Snob Pie and the Blue Bell Ice Cream.
3630 E Indian School Rd
Phoenix, AZ 85018
(602) 956-7662

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  1. Loved their lemon cheesecake! To die for! Maybe I’ll get a t-shirt on our next visit.

    1. The shirts are pretty cool!

  2. hey, you got to enjoy pie for a whole week too! sounds like a good plan! if i ever visit my friend in AZ, this is the place to go with her kids! 😉

    1. It was great! I’m looking forward to trying that double crust apple next visit. 🙂

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