Greek Style Chicken – 1468 Graves Ave

Clouds float over the mountains in the distance.  I gaze upon the unique shapes the nearby clouds make.  This Greek Style Chicken has an awesome view.  I visited the day before my birthday and the day before Maggie’s birthday.  We joined the birthday club and within one day of your birthday you get 25% off plus a free sundae.  🙂

2/3 lb burger

2/3 pound burger came with 2 beef patties.  Nice char on the beef.  Lightly seasoned and topped with lettuce and tomato this burger had a nice flavor.  I like it better than most fast food burgers.

Fried zucchini looked like french fries in the distance.  You get a mix of fried batter and zucchini flavor.  I prefer my fried zucchini as big wedges where the flavor is mostly zucchini.  Onion rings had the same crunchy batter as the zucchini with strong onion flavor.  My fav fried food here.
Chicken was tender and juicy.  Nice flavor and if you like lemon there is a bunch of lemon juice on the bottom of the plate you can use for dipping.
Strawberry sundae.  Loved the rich vanilla flavor of the ice cream.  Strawberry mixture was very sweet.  Would be perfect with less strawberry.
Caramel sundae.  I asked the cashier to go light with the caramel.  Loved the mix of flavors from the whipped cream, caramel, and vanilla ice cream.
You can watch them cook.

I really enjoy having lunch here.
There is all you can drink soda water from the self serve machine.
Across the street.
Great view of the mountains while you eat and the food is among the best at the under $15/person price point.  Happy Birthday to me!
1468 Graves Ave
El Cajon, CA 92021
(619) 401-0700

8 Replies to “Greek Style Chicken – 1468 Graves Ave”

  1. One of my favorite lunch places! Lovely view too. Happy birthday my dear. Looking forward to celebrating many more together!

    1. Thanks Maggie! 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday Soo!

  3. What no birthday cake??
    Food did look good!!

    1. We had the birthday cake at home! I was too full at the restaurant to be eating cake anyways!

  4. Happy Belated to both of you! Great post- that’s Gillespie Field to the West, which has a great little restaurant ( ). It’s good to see you were out here; so many people think it’s ‘so far away’, when El Cajon isn’t even in the middle of this (very large) County.

  5. Thanks! My birthday was March 18 while Maggie’s was in August. Gillespie Field looks like an interesting place to eat. East County is a bit of a drive for us so we don’t go alot.

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