Happytime Tea

My first time at this mall I might have been 12.  There was a movie theater back then.  We alternated between the theater here and a few drive ins.  It looks a bit more run down now.  Where I use to watch movies I see Bargain Outlet.  To the side I notice Happytime Tea.

It’s really nice inside.  Everything is clean and new.

There are a bunch of well placed plants to balance out the modern space.

I try a jasmine shaved ice.  It’s the new style shaved ice where ingredients are mixed then frozen into an ice block.  The ice is then shaved into thin sheets with an ice cream like texture.
Feels more like eating jasmine flavored ice cream than a snow cone.  Little pieces of mochi were a mixture of sweet fruit flavor.
I sampled the mango smoothie.  Nice mango flavor and extremely sweet.  I would not order a large less I risk a sugar coma.
Employees were nice.  This a cool shop in a rough looking strip mall.
On the other side of the barbed wire.
Happytime Tea
4336 54th St
San Diego, CA 92115
(619) 343-1516


6 Replies to “Happytime Tea”

  1. Love the Christmas tree picture next to the painted wings! Yes my sugar coma from the mango bubble was a bit scary. Next visit I’ll ask for less sugar and get a smaller size.

    1. That’s good you survived!

  2. I’ve never heard of sugar coma. I always thought it was the opposite (I’ve seen kids lose their minds from too much sugar). The mango boba looks delish but would give me massive brain freeze.

    1. You gotta give an adult too much sugar and watch. Maybe a half dozen donuts and an extra large slurpee… Maggie wasn’t doing so good after that one drink.

  3. Saw this when going to Su Pan the other day; will stop in soon. Used to live in that area and yes, it’s sad how it’s gone downhill. Thanks for this post.

    1. I really miss Jim’s Hickory Wood BBQ and more recently Lucky Star Seafood. You are welcome Cathy!

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