Desert Botanical Garden

Soo and Jacque at the entrance.


I love their mission statement. “The garden is here to help you enjoy the beauty of the desert and care about it”

It’s easy to see the meticulous care, planning and brilliant integration of artwork lends itself to a phenomenal experience with nature.


Walking in the entrance my eye gravitated towards the green glass sculptures that at first glance seem like a real plant but closer inspection gives away the sparkle caused by the sun. Absolutely beautiful coloring and exquisite detail. 


Mexican Fire Barrel Cactus


Mexican Fire Barrel Cactus. Really like the contrasting colors of the red orange spikes with the green body.


Bee’s are fascinating to me. I could watch them all day.

Blanket flower


As you continue along the pathways you’ll notice sculptures and artwork meticulously placed throughout the park intertwining with all plant life. 

Sculpture by Jun Kaneko, Purple prickly pear behind Jacque.





Your sure to notice ceramic artist Jun Kaneko’s works of art throughout the park. Visually stunning and thought provoking you’ll find approximately 20 sculptures. His exhibit runs from 10/13/2017–05/13/2018. 



Really liked this plant!


The white gold spikes with the green body of the cactus really stand out.


The garden offers 5 different hiking trails:


They flew off at one point for a short while, then came back.




These butterfly’s put on a nice show for us.




I look forward to exploring them all since we decided to become members on our very first visit. It was not a hard decision as this Botanical Garden offers a plethora of activities and learning experiences. 

Bee’s on flowers, these are a few of my favorite things.


Happy Bee’s.






The Desert Landscape School offers a variety of certificate programs throughout the year. Subjects offered are; landscape & gardening, photography & art, cooking & wellness, science, travel & adventure and children & family education. Members receive discounts on all classes, workshops and travel tours. For more information click on the learn tab.




Think these Saguaro maybe gathering for a meeting of some kind.





The Desert Botanical Garden plants are from all around the world. The Agave family collection includes over 4,026 plants with 15 new species added in 2016. The Cactus family collection includes over 13,973 plants with 29 new species added in 2016.







Time for a break.








Jun Kaneko






Soo and Jacque enjoying the sculpture circle.





Such a colorful upbeat display of friendly beings!











Extremely tall tree!








1201 N. Galvin Parkway Phoenix, AZ  85008

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  1. Wow! That is a lot of great photos of the garden! I love the cactus and butterfly photos.

    1. Thanks! Yes it was such a fun day with you and Jacque!

  2. beautiful shots maggie! the page loads slow with all the pictures though. i assume they are all full size because the last picture is a whooping 6MB and over 4k x 2.5k pixels. too big. you guys should look into auto-resizing photos option on wordpress for faster user experience. it will save you extra traffic load on your server.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the pictures!

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