Cross Street Chicken & Beer

My first time here was about 10 years ago.  It was a taco shop and the food was ok.  I preferred Super Sergios down the street.  I guess that’s why the taco shop closed.
Ready for Christmas


Now there is a waiting list at dinner time and the owner of Cross Street Chicken turned the minimally decorated building into a fancy looking and hip location.


I tried the original fried chicken wings.  Batter was crunchy and had savory flavors with a strong paprika component.  I loved the flavor of the juicy chicken.

Salt and pepper wings.  Same crunchy savory batter with very strong salt and pepper flavors.  This is my fav flavor of wings but I’d love them even more with a bit less salt and pepper.  I drank 2 glasses of soda water when normally I only need 1 glass.
It was very bubbly and refreshing soda water.
Fried dumplings had a thin crispy wrapper which had a delicious fried flavor.  I didn’t like the high green onion to meat ratio.  Flavor of the filling was pretty much just green onions.
Fish and chips featuring fresh cod.  Batter was crunchy and gave the cod a nice salty flavor.  Cod was tender, juicy, and full of cod flavor.  French fries were beer battered which was added beer flavor to the crunchy fries.  This is a great dish for those times I’m not interested in fried chicken.
Lots of beer choices.


Adult play area outside.


Not much parking in the lot.


Staff here are nice and efficient.  I miss B.B.Q. Chicken but this is the best Korean fried chicken I’ve found in San Diego.  Kirk visited Cross Street during the soft opening.
Lovely view of the sunset from the outdoor seating.


Cross Street Chicken & Beer
4403 Convoy St
San Diego, CA 92111
(858) 430-6001

8 Replies to “Cross Street Chicken & Beer”

  1. Glad you found a favorite Korean fried chicken place! I like the warm wood interior colors, very inviting.

    1. It’s a friendly place!

  2. Looks like the place is getting better Soo. I’ve got to revisit one of these days.

    1. I love this place but I don’t like the parking lot or the wait at dinner time.

  3. Aghhh! I want to come here so bad. I haven’t had many cravings since coming home from Asia but these wings look delicious. How long was your wait that visit? I love soda water too (was it free here?). I read the wings here are HUGE compared to other places.

    1. It was a 4 minute wait at 3:30pm on a weekday.

      Soda water was good and free!

      They are huge compared to Buffalo Wild Wings. A little bit bigger than Khan’s Cave.

      Go for early dinner today!

  4. Will definitely be trying this place out based on your experience, the chicken looks like a delicious bite with good breading. I was also inspired by yours and Faye’s blogs to make my own account, TY! -Inspire and be well!

    1. Thanks for commenting! It’s nice they have lots of flavors to choose from as you can come everyday and get a different flavor. I want to try the beer can chicken next.

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