Carlsbad Alkaline Water

I tried digging for water when I was a kid.  Water coming out of the tap had a nasty taste.  Boiling it helped.  I gathered all the objects I could find and started digging.  It was hard work as the dirt was hard and rocky.  About a foot deep I hit clay and couldn’t go any deeper with my screwdrivers and garden spade.  Thus ended my quest to find cold refreshing well water.

In the time since I have tried many waters.

I tried the pitchers with a carbon filter.  Water tasted a bit better from the tap but there was a unique flavor from the pitchers I tried which was a bit objectionable.  Sometimes your cup of water come with tiny flecks of carbon dust.  I tried the carbon filter you screwed on the end of the faucet.  Water tasted much like with the pitcher.  My best experience with a carbon filter was with the filter included in my GE fridge.  It provided cold water and ice with pretty much all objectionable flavors removed.
I tried the reverse osmosis filtered water at work.  It was strange water as there was no flavor to it.
I tried the machines in front of the supermarket.  They are suppose to use carbon filtration and reverse osmosis to remove everything bad for you.  There were no flavors I didn’t like.  It was good clean water with a bit more flavor than the reverse osmosis water from work.
I tried the PB Water store.  Water goes through carbon filtration, reverse osmosis, and some other filters which I forget what they do.  I like the minimal flavor a bit better than the grocery store machines.  I like how they keep the place and the machinery clean.
I tried lots of bottled waters from local grocery stores.  Some of my favorites were Voss, Fuji, and Sparklett’s.  These waters tasted great but were pricey.
One day I read about Carlsbad alkaline water.  I was excited to read it’s well water and only 70 cents/gallon.  I didn’t taste any flavors I don’t like.  I love the light clean flavor of Carlsbad alkaline water.  It has been a long journey but my quest for cold refreshing water is complete.  Thanks for digging this well for me back in 1882.
This is now my favorite spot to get water.  I met the owner while she was working on the machine and she was very friendly and informative.

Carlsbad Alkaline Water
2802 Carlsbad Blvd
Ste 1
Carlsbad, CA 92008
(760) 434-1887


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  1. Just love their water!

  2. It’s one of my favs!

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