Uncle’s Shaved Ice – Lihue

We almost did it.  We came close to eating at a different shaved ice spot everyday for a week.  There are so many delicious shaved ice shops to try.  This day we shopping at K-Mart and needed a snack.  Uncle’s Shave Ice was close so we gave it a try.
Looks like the mall is brand new and not all the stores were occupied.

I was surprised to see there were many more menu options here other than shaved ice.  I decided to get a fancy concoction.
Oil change was a mix of root beer and vanilla flavor plus vanilla ice cream.  I loved the fluffy shaved ice and the mix of root beer and vanilla flavor.  Flavor was like a root beer float.
Mari ordered the Wheel Alignment which was raspberry, strawberry, cherry, and a sweet cream cap.  I thought it was too many berry flavors.  I would prefer just a single berry flavor.
Shaved ice machine.
This place makes very good shaved ice but the seating was limited to a bench outside.  It was hot so the shaved ice melted pretty fast.  Our quest to find awesome shaved ice continues.
Uncle’s Shaved Ice
4454 Nuhou St
Ste 419
Lihue, HI 96766


5 Replies to “Uncle’s Shaved Ice – Lihue”

  1. This looks incredibly refreshing, especially since we’re still hitting 100s in AZ!

    1. You should go out and get yourself some shaved ice too! It’s suppose to get up to 100 in parts of San Diego Sunday. 🙁 I gotta find a good local shaved ice spot.

  2. Haha! You ALMOST did it. Loves. I was laughing so hard at the names of the snow cones. So creative and fun.

    1. The garage motif was cool! There were a few places so cool I couldn’t resist going to twice. 🙂

    2. Yes! It was hard work but the four of us came close! ?

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