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I remember the last time I hiked to a waterfall.  Back in my college days our photo class got together for field trips.  We took photos of each other in the water.  There wasn’t much water in San Diego so the waterfall was really small.  Secret Falls was quite different.  The quantity of water is much greater and the height from which it falls much higher.  To get there we chose Wailua River Guides.


People are really nice at the shack where we checked in and borrowed footwear.  I found a pair of KEENS.  They require closed toe shoes to trek through streams and mud.  A quick van ride to the kayaks and we started paddling up the Wailua River.  Taking the North Fork Wailua River we parked our kayaks near Secret Falls and hiked the rest of the way through a lush tropical forest.

North Fork Wailua River




This tree uproots itself and moves to where there is more sun.
Top of the tree that uproots itself.
Map of Kauai.

Our guide pointed out many interesting trees and plants.





Then we arrived at Secret Falls and went for a swim in the chill water.  I stood under the falls and was pounded by falling water.  It’s possible to get a massage if you can withstand the stinging, freezing water.
Our tour guide Ryan describes how this tower determines the height of the river.
Hiking back we came across this goose that flaps it’s back wing when you feed him.
The day nears it’s end as we load the kayaks onto the van.
It was beautiful kayaking the river, hiking through the tropical forest, and going under the waterfall.  Our tour guide Ryan was great pointing out the sights and helping us kayak properly.
We say goodbye to Ryan.
Wailua River Guides
4565 Haleilio Rd
Kapaa, HI 96746
(808) 822-3388

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  1. I’ve always wanted to do this type of trek to a secret waterfall. Is there a limited amount of time they give you at the waterfall? Or can you stay as long as you wanted to? That’s super cool about the tree roots moving themselves to get closer to the sun!

    1. We spent 30 minutes at the waterfall. If you want to spend longer you would need to rent a kayak and go on your own. That was amazing the tree could follow the sun. It was real nice having a guided tour and having someone give me kayaking instruction as I only kayak like every 10 years.

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