Mendocino Farms – La Jolla

I remember the blackness of night.  Light bright as day streamed in the darkness.  Inside Blockbuster it was so bright it hurt your eyes.  Rows of dvd’s filled the place.  I use to bring my kid here to pick out stuff for us to watch.  I miss wandering the aisles and checking out all the movies to choose from.  They knocked down the building.  In it’s place is Mendocino Farms.

Building is modern looking while the plants give it and earthy vibe.  Place is really beautiful.
Inside the staff was friendly giving out menu’s and instructions on how to order at the counter.


The K-Town BBQ Steak sandwich sounded good.  Sadly the toasted ciabatta had minimal flavor and was dry same as the bulgogi. The Creekstone steak wasn’t marinated in bulgogi sauce long enough and it tasted like it was cooked well done as there was no moisture left in the meat.  I ate the entire sandwich but left hungry and my pocket $14 lighter.  Next time I want a sandwich I’m heading over to Jersey Mikes where I can get a much better tasting steak sandwich at half the price.
Outdoor seating with view of the parking lot.


I had lunch with Faye from Faye’s Fork and she reviewed this place too.
Mendocino Farms
8795 Villa La Jolla Dr
San Diego, CA 92037


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  1. Yeah your sandwich was kinda sad 🙁 And expensive. It’ll be interesting to see how their new location in Del Mar will do.

    I didn’t remember Blockbuster used to be in this center!

    1. I’m sure they will make your sandwich with more care if you go for a Yelp event. Blockbuster closed in 2011.

      There are still a few left:

  2. Boy your making me glad I did not go with! Not sure if I’d want to try them out now. The decor is quite nice looking.

    1. You might have better luck if you get something more traditional like a chicken sandwich…

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