Bonnie Jean’s Soul Food Café

“And there was this toy, this snowstorm ball, with a tiny castle inside, except it was like a whole world, a world inside the ball…
It was like a little glass bubble of somewhere else.
I lifted it, starting a blizzard. I knew it wasn’t real snow, but I couldn’t understand how it fell so slowly.
I figured inside the ball was some different sort of time.
Slow time.
…And inside there was only water.”
Alan Moore – The Watchmen

I started eating in this neighborhood about 20 years ago.  Huffman’s Bbq was my favorite spot to get fried chicken.  Sadly while the building looks much the same they sell cell phones instead of my favorite crunchy fried chicken in town.  The strip mall where Bonnie Jean’s is located looks much like when I first visited except the paint has faded and cracked on Bonnie Jean’s sign.  Inside I feel like I have stepped into the past.  Bonnie Jean still greets her guests and lets you decide where to sit.  I appreciate the southern hospitality here.  There are old board games.  If my kid was younger I’d bring her and we would game.  I notice they longer serve bbq ribs but there are many other fine dishes to try.

Crinkle cut fries were crunchy and full of potato flavor.  Delicious with the seasoning.  I think it was salt and pepper.  Fried catfish was coated in a corn meal batter.  I loved the mix of flavors from the catfish and corn meal.
Wing and thigh
Chicken breast was huge!
Fried chicken was coated in a crunchy batter while the meat was tender and juicy.  Loved the flavor of the seasonings in the batter.

Oxtail was tender and coated in a savory gravy.  I loved the flavor which was subtle and kinda like how my mom use to make it.
Thank you Bonnie Jean for serving me the delicious oxtail dinner.  While the oxtail is on the menu it is only served on special occasions. Bonnie Jean snuck me in before a big party that was serving oxtail so I got to try it.
I will be back for the delicious soul food and moments preserved like in a snowstorm ball…
Kirk of mmm-yoso!!! visited this place back in 2011.
Bonnie Jean’s Soul Food Café
1964 54th St
San Diego, CA 92105
(619) 262-8854

7 Replies to “Bonnie Jean’s Soul Food Café”

  1. Nice, I haven’t been there in years. The oxtail looks quite delicious.

    1. They have some delicious food! The fried chicken is my fav item right now.

  2. Some of the best fried chicken breast I’ve had! ? Lovely Watchmen quote.

  3. Good to know they are still going strong Soo. Thanks for the mention.

    1. You are welcome! I found some great food following in your footsteps.

  4. Was the wing served whole?! I don’t see that often nowadays. I can’t remember the last time I had oxtail as an entree. Is there much meat to it?

    1. They did give me a whole wing. I had the oxtail for dinner with fries and that filled me up. If all you ate was the oxtail you would have room for dessert. You should give them a try. I enjoyed everything I’ve eaten there.

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