Anini Beach Park

Floating in the warm water.  So relaxing.  Sky is so clear.  Blue of the sky is so rich and the fluffy white clouds have so much definition.  I’m sad California air is so polluted a orange haze hides everything.  Below are a good variety of iPhone sized fish.  They like hiding in the coral and around rocks.  The snorkeling is good here.

Sandy beach is also relaxing with the lovely fine grain sand.
I like feeling the texture of it as my feet sink into it.
There are lots of trees lining the shoreline to provide shade.
There are many varieties of trees and vegetation to admire here.
J. and Maggie


Not many people visit so there is ample parking.
The nene, also known as nēnē and Hawaiian goose is the office bird of Hawaii.


This is one of my favorite beaches on Kauai.
Anini Beach Park
Anini Rd
Uninc Kauai, HI 96752

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  1. The first photo of the beach is so pretty! I’m terrible at finding ‘unknown’ places like you. The nene looks quite regal. I guess all of them are tagged by the state?

    1. It’s a great beach! Maggie found this spot. She usually finds the beaches and gardens while I tend to find places to eat and expensive stuff like the helicopter tour.

      The Nene did not appear to have tags. There are over a thousand so it would be a big project as they have babies every year.

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