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Sears was one of the coolest stores when I was a kid.  I remember when I was 4 we took the bus on an adventure to the only one in town on Christmas Eve.  Sadly it closed early and we didn’t get to go inside.  It was the biggest store I ever shopped at and had a fancy escalator.  It closed in 1986.  Another part of my Christmas tradition was watching the Peanuts Christmas special and perusing the Sears Christmas catalog.  It was filled with pages of awesome toys.  The train sets and the remote control race cars attracted me most.  When they stopped publishing their catalog I knew Sears golden age had come to an end.  Other stores whittled away at Sears with a better selection of merchandise or better prices.  This Sears is starting it’s going out of business sale and is suppose to close on September 17.  I am going to miss this reminder of the old days when the store was shiny new and it had the best selection of stuff we wanted to buy.  I wish I’d kept a copy of the old Sears Christmas catalog…

You know the end is near when you see this sign on the street corner.


Discount isn’t that good on the good stuff.


Good selection of Levi’s.


Levi’s about $50 each with 30% off.
Loved going up and down the escalator when I was a kid.


Sun sets on Sears UTC.

Goodbye old friend.


4575 La Jolla Village Dr
San Diego, CA 92122
(858) 622-9300

4 Replies to “Sears – UTC”

  1. So sad to see them go. I’m sure the prices will come down more before closing.

    1. Yes. They are gonna see if they can get rid of everything with a good profit before the good deals show up.

  2. I stopped going here some time ago. I remember liking their home/kitchen bath stuff on the upper floors. Do you know what is taking over this space?

    1. I have no idea. Target would be attractive. Sadly there isn’t a big selection of home stuff. There are like 4 kitchenaid mixers and some pots and pans to choose from.

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