Lil’ Dipper

When the night is long and hot.  There is a place in my hood I find relief.   Cold chills my tongue and heat drains from my body.  Flavor of huckleberrys and cream fills my mouth.  I never had huckleberrys before but they are delicious.  A bit like blueberries. Lil Dipper is my only source of Huckleberry Heaven flavor ice cream.
Maui Waui & Huckleberry Heaven


Maui Waui sherbet is full of bright colors and a mix of passion fruit, orange, and guava sherbet.  Reminds me of POG I discovered when I visited Maui.  Intensely sweet amd one of the best sherbets I’ve had.  My 2nd fav flavor here.

Maui Waui


Mint chip had real chocolaty flavor from the chocolate chips and a nice mint flavor from the ice cream.    Reminds me of the 365 brand mint chip at Whole Foods.
The owner and her workers are nice.  They told me their ice creams are made by Double Rainbow and Cascade Glacier.  I bought their reusable container which if you bring back you get $1 off on refills.  There is also a small cash discount.
Scooping a sample.


Maui Waui


Reusable container


I like this little ice cream shop in this tiny mall.  I will return when my supply of Huckleberry Heaven ice cream is exhausted.
Lil’ Dipper
4130 La Jolla Village Dr
Ste 102
San Diego, CA 92037


8 Replies to “Lil’ Dipper”

  1. Just love the reusable container idea, so environmentally friendly. My favorite is the Huckleberry Heaven!

    1. That’s a great flavor!

  2. that colorful sherbert looks amazing! looks like the shop isn’t too far of a drive for me so i’ll have to check it out one day!

  3. I like going there and filling up my to go container. 🙂

  4. The Maui Waui looks do amazing right about now (it’s so hot today). What did you think of the prices here? I’m still a fan of the rainbow sherbert at Thrifty’s 🙂

    1. That flavor was awesome! I like to buy in bulk so the reusable container cost about $8 which is good compared to other ice cream shops in this area. If you are willing to drive to National City Niederfrank’s sells half gallons for $10. I like Thrifty’s but I prefer Niederfrank’s and Lil Dipper ice cream.

  5. I love the Huckleberry one. Amazing colors, now I want some of this ice cream. Lol. Great photos Soo!

    1. You can get it if you local ice cream shop carries Double Rainbow ice cream. Thanks! 🙂

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