Angelo’s Burgers – South Oceanside

Painting from nature is not copying the object; it is realizing one’s sensations.
Paul Cezanne
Buena Vista Lagoon


View of the lagoon from inside Angelo’s.


I watch the sun sparkling on the water.  Plants dot the shoreline.  Reeds sway in the wind.  So close to the ocean yet not connected.  I feel connected to nature here.  Paul Cézanne could have painted a serene landscape on this spot. Buena Vista Lagoon has an understated beauty.  I enjoy the respite from the city when I visit.
Original look
Current look


Cute statue in the front of Angelo’s Burgers reminds me of Bob’s Big Boy.  I miss the golden age of fast food when Jack was prominently displayed in front of Jack in the box and they fried hot apple turnovers.  Now those places want to sell you salads.  Scent of burgers on the flat top greets me as I enter.  Menu is huge.  I found out they make their shakes with Thrifty’s ice cream.
Cooking my burger.
I tried the half pound burger.  Beef patty had a mild beef flavor.  Bun, lettuce, and tomato were all fresh.  Burger reminds me of a Wendy’s burger.  Could use more seasoning and I should have ordered it with bacon.
Zucchini fries had a crunchy batter with a nice salty flavor.  I prefer when zucchini is cut larger so there is a higher zucchini to batter ratio.
Ribeye steak was thin cut, tender, and had beefy flavor.  Scrambled eggs were fluffy and tasted like I make them.  French fries had a bit of crunch and good potato flavor.
Fish and chips were made with cod.  Crunchy batter and nice salty flavor enhanced the mild flavor of the cod.  Kinda like Gorton’s fish sticks but of higher quality and much better tasting.
Pina colada smoothie was very sweet and had strong pineapple and banana flavor.
I like this burger joint which has a menu like you would find in an old school diner.  There is much more on the menu I want to try.  One of these days I hope to see the fog rolling in over the lagoon.
Facing north towards Oceanside.


Angelo’s Burgers
2035 S Coast Hwy
Oceanside, CA 92054
(760) 967-9911


8 Replies to “Angelo’s Burgers – South Oceanside”

  1. Next visit we’ll have to go when the fog is rolling in. ?

  2. Gonna have to go in the winter!

  3. How cute are the statues of the guys holding the burgers? Super cute! The burgers look amazing. I wish we had something like this in Chicago. Happy Monday to you and the beautiful writer!

    1. It’s a classic burger joint. 🙂 Have you ever been to Bob’s Big Boy?

      Thanks! Have a good week!

    2. Yes I really love that statue too! We like this place so much there are three posts about it so far! ?

  4. Did you drive to Oceanside to try this burger place? I thought I read one of your 5 guys review and you didn’t like them. I haven’t tried 5 guys before. The rib eye looks super thin and dry 🙁 I agree with you that thicker cuts of zucchini is best!

    1. We drive to Carlsbad every 6 weeks to refill our water bottles so we’ve been doing side trips to try Angelo’s. You have a good memory! 5 Guys isn’t that good in comparison to Hodad’s or places like Balboa Bar & Grill. Compared to other burger chains like Jack in the Box, McDonald’s, or Burger King I would prefer 5 Guys or Angelo’s.

      Same thing with the steak. I prefer dry aged steaks at Flemings or Black Angus. But if you want your food in 10 minutes and only have $10 this is a good steak/meal.

      So I enjoy Angelo’s as the view is relaxing, prices are low, the service is quick, and the workers friendly. We wouldn’t drive across town expecting the food to taste as good as places that cost 3 or 4 times as much though.

    2. Yes, we usually drive by the coast, it’s very scenic. ?

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