UCSD Trolley construction

I like seeing how things are made and how they work.  When I was a kid I liked watching construction projects and taking stuff apart.  Back in the old days most things were held together by screws so the world was mine after I found where our screwdrivers were kept.  The key was remembering how to put stuff back together in the exact sequence it was taken apart.


It was with great surprise when they started building the trolley extension to UCSD this year.  I voted for Transnet back in 1987 to fund the trolley to UCSD.  One of the first things they did is block off the road and start digging a huge hole in the ground.

They also block off a parking lot as a staging area where they prep steel reinforcement.

A crane lifts the steel into the hole and concrete is poured into place.

Next metal panels surround the steel.


Concrete is poured into the mold formed by the metal panels.



These concrete reinforced towers are being built on the eastern side of UCSD.

This week they have been building the base of the track with steel girders.


Steel girders touching the concrete towers.



Midcoast Trolley
9500 Gilman Dr,
La Jolla, CA 92093

4 Replies to “UCSD Trolley construction”

  1. My friend works around there so we often pass by this construction when we meet for lunch. It’s insane how they’re putting this trolley right in the middle of this area (UCSD/Governor/etc). We drove by Regents Pizza and my goodness – the street was awful. So torn up and crazy.
    How’d you take these pics? I’m surprised the construction guys didn’t shoo you away due to safety issues ?

    1. That’s cool you have been watching the construction! It should be great when they finish. I wanna take the trolley to comic con if I ever get in again.

      I ride up on my bike and take a few quick photos and ride off before anyone has a chance to do anything. I’m stealthy.

  2. Completely bodacious photographs chronicling the humungous Trolley expansion! Looking forward to more updates! ?

    1. I take photos every week so I’ll likely have an update in a month.

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