The South Park Abbey

I was greeted by a strange sight on my Taco Tuesday visit.  In addition to the $2 taco signs there were also order at the bar signs at most of the tables.

I ordered a chicken taco from the bartender and found out Tuesday’s are slow so the bartender was responsible for the entire restaurant.  He brought out my taco pretty quickly.  Flour tortilla had a mild flavor while the chicken was pretty spicy from whatever spice they used.  I wouldn’t order this taco again as that one spice was pretty much the only flavor and I didn’t like it.
I also tried a single order of wings for $10.  Wings have a unique fried and smoky flavor.  I tried eating them naked but they need a bit more flavor and they were a little dry.  I didn’t like the flavor of the Carolina bbq sauce which tasted a bit like mustard.  Should have gotten the regular bbq sauce which has a nice sweet flavor.
I have tried other items on the menu on past visits.

Pull pork hash featured tender juicy hash and scrambled eggs.  While I love pulled pork and scrambled eggs I’m not a fan of whatever sauce they use to add heat to the dish.  I suspect it was Tabasco sauce.  Dish would be great without that spicy component.
Burger with bacon, lettuce, and tomato was quite juicy as my plate got wetter with each bite.  Very good flavor from the beef patty and crunchy bacon.

South Park Abbey is a nice neighborhood joint and very dog friendly as I saw 4 dogs inside this last visit.  I’d get a burger or wings again if I was in the area.
The South Park Abbey
1946 Fern St
San Diego, CA 92102

(619) 696-0096

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  1. Sometimes they miss the mark by using too much spice, or not enough. Good to know, so people know what to avoid. Great pictures as always.

    1. You can always add some salt & pepper if they put too little. Thanks!

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