Short Story: The Magical Magnificent Miraculous Journey of The Amaryllis

Chapter Two The Transformation

Original story by Maggie A.


Julia woke up late. It was a bad day for it as she was supposed to be tending to a new litter of puppies. They were just starting to wake up and look for food. She opened up a small shelter for all dogs a few years back with her life savings. Finally realizing her lifelong dream. Business was good.


Each morning upon waking, pieces of dreams from the night before would float along her conscious mind. Last night her feet finally released the ground after numerous times of failing. The sheer effort was mentally exhausting, however once up in the sky, navigating newfound wings proved to be easier than anticipated. The emotional pull of full flight was intoxicating. Julia wanted to dream it again, because after all it was just a dream, right?


Only in her unconscious mind does Julia recall threads of memory, reminding her of the beautiful, miracle unfolding on that night long ago. A bond was formed with the shards, pulling her closer, leading her down a path. 


Once sleep claimed her, shortly she found herself drawn to a dusk purple valley, surrounded by mountains, some distant, one loomed closer with a bridge appearing out of the clouds. Below a truck sat at an awkward angle, smoke emanating from the radiator. The guardrail up above broken and mangled, or so she thought in her minds eye.


Soon the scene shifted, the truck disappearing, the guardrail became whole again. Suddenly she was sitting in the truck next to the driver hellbent on crashing through the only obstacle keeping him on the road and the sheer 600 ft. drop to the riverbed below.


Instincts took Julia’s body over, reacting almost instantly. In the distance she could her the roar of metal hitting metal, the guardrail falling away, then silence as the truck became airborne.


Beautiful white and chestnut feathers surrounded the truck driver, a peaceful purple light radiated with love, light, hope, encircling and keeping them safe from harm. Time stood still, the Angel began a conversation with this despair filled soul, not stopping until the worst wounds had eventually healed from this special light wielded by the Angel. Only then, he could begin to heal and move on with his life.

After what seemed like hours, they both awoke at the same moment, him in the mangled truck, her home in bed, with no physical injuries and no memory of the miracle.



The transformation of Julia and the Amaryllis shard had begun.

End of Chapter Two

Original story by Maggie A.

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  1. Great story! So how many more chapters?

    1. Thanks! Glad you like it! ❤️ Hmmm, not sure as of yet, time will tell.

  2. Mary mcCreary says: Reply

    Imagination and innovation are off the
    Charts on this one. Keep writing!!

    1. That means so very much especially from you! ? I’ll endeavor to do just that. ?

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