Short Story: The Journey of The Amaryllis


It started out as a thoughtful gift from Soo a single bulb needing some potting soil, a pot and water. A whole year later, it had a half dozen pretty green leaves, but no stems, or buds or flowers to be seen. Weird, I gave it water, food and sun. What more could an Amaryllis want? Kept moving it around on the patio thinking it just needed that one special spot to finally bloom.

Then finally over a year and a half later I spied a single stem with low and behold a bud! Estatic about this development I started my photo journal depicting the metamorphosis this plant was about to embark on.

Little did I know what a treat I was in for. The brilliant red color that sparkles like glitter when the sun just hits it right. The delicate petals opening up to reveal more treasures inside. How the single bud on the single stem, turned into four separate, unique and stunning flowers. The indescribable joy of gazing upon this prodigious flower has brought me hours of delight.

Now that two out of the four flowers are starting to fade, I’m saddened and left to wonder just how long will it be before my Amaryllis blooms again? Will it be another year and a half? I hope not, but if so I’ll have my photos to look at till the next comes along.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. There is so much more to divulge about this exquisite specimen. This is the beginning of ; The Magical, Magnificent, Miraculous journey of The Amaryllis.

It came from the stars one cool, clear evening. Just fell from the sky along with maybe a dozen more. Scattered about the world for those chosen few to find. It doesn’t look like much, just a single bulb. Put it in soil, feed it, water it then it blooms right? Well not exactly. This bulb is special, traveling a long way from a different planet with a purpose in mind.

This particular bulb was found by a young girl gathering herbs and such from the woods. Her family lived off the land and sold what they grew or raised in town for extra money. When the girl found this bulb, she thought I’ll just add it to the eggs to sell in town. Off to town she went with her eggs, herbs and the bulb. She figured the bulb must be worth a few dollars as it was a large one. The bulb had other intentions. On the way to town the bulb jumped out of the girls basket when she was preoccupied with petting a goat and rolled down an embankment just as a horse drawn cart was passing by on the dirt road below. The bulb jumped into the back of the cart knowing it was heading in the right direction. After a few hours the bulb jumped out of the cart and continued on it’s long journey, only it knew where it needed to be.

Years passed by, yet the bulb never gave up hope of finding it’s intended.

The origin of this special bulb comes from a far away planet. It’s inhabitants are a peaceful, nature loving species that long for earth to stop it’s violent ways. Knowing this will not be an easy task they set out to find a human with unusual extraordinary powers that could understand their message and pass it along to others. In order for humans to absorb this information these bulbs were designed to enhance the person that encounters them. Enabling them to fully receive the knowledge from this utopian planet and teach how to plant the seeds so all humans will become peaceful and learn to use all of our supernatural abilities lying dormant within us all.

Such a big task for such a small creature.

It was no accident this bulb came into the girls possession, it had just begun to fulfill it’s destiny. The blooming into a flower was just the first part. Once the blooms begun to fade, they started to crystallize slowly over the course of weeks, then months. Finally one clear evening on a full moon, the crystals started to glow and open. Inside gleamed millions of tiny iridescent shards that began to rise out and upwards toward the full moon. The girl who had been reading outside on her patio, watched silently in wonder as the shards began to leave her for good. Frantically she tried to grab a few for herself only to discover seven decided to remain with her after all.

End of Chapter One.

Original story written and created by myself, Maggie A.









Stay tuned for more chapters in, The Magical, Magnificent, Miraculous journey of the Amaryllis. Original story written and created by myself, Maggie A.

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  1. That was a great documentary of your flower. Great photos! I liked your story as well. You have some skills!

    1. Thanks honey! I’ll be continuing the story.?

  2. cool story maggie! i thought it really was a legend of the amaryllis as i was reading! what a gorgeous flower and you captured it! 🙂

    1. Glad you liked my story!☘️ I was really inspired by this flower, so it was natural for me to have a story about it pop up in my head. Don’t always write things down when that happens, so I’m really happy I did in this case.?

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