Double Happiness

Happiness is a state I am constantly trying to achieve.  Double happiness is doubly attractive.  We first visited after a hot air balloon adventure.  I was starving after an evening of spectacular sights from among the clouds.  Double Happiness delivered with classic Chinese dishes and great service.  My current visit is after enjoying watching the sun as it was on it’s journey to set into the sea.  Rays of light poked through the clouds and light up the ocean beautifully.  Double Happiness’s location is excellent being blocks from the ocean.

Del Mar

Del Mar


Maggie with the fancy place setting.


Classic Chinese decor.

This visit I tried 2 dishes.

War won ton soup had shrimp, chicken, and veggies.  Won tons had thin wrappers and pork filling.  I liked the flavor but I wish they came with more pork.
Roasted pork pan fried noodles came with a delicious brown sauce.  I loved the flavor of the roast pork, noodles, and broccoli.  One of my fav versions of this dish in town.
Complimentary won ton strips tasted freshly fried.  A bit greasy, very crunchy, and full of delicious fried flavor.
After a filling meal we left, greeted by an orange glow in the sky.  A beautiful end to a lovely day.  Double Happiness.
1011 Camino Del Mar
Del Mar, CA 92014
(858) 481-8584

4 Replies to “Double Happiness”

  1. Lovely sunset pictures. It’s all your fault, ? I too love the roasted pork pan fried noodles with the delicious brown sauce! That cute little dog sure liked being pet.

    1. You will have to go back soon and find your new friend! Next time maybe I’ll try the chow mein.

  2. What part of Del Mar did you stroll that evening? I think the last time I visited DH was for their Chinese Breakfast on the weekends (do they still offer that?). I think the other half was called Chef Zhu. I guess they (used to?) have two separate menus (traditional vs more Americanized) here. How were the prices?

    1. We parked at the end of a street a few blocks south of Double Happiness and checked out the scenery at a view point. I didn’t enquire about Chinese Breakfast. I noticed the menu said Chef Zhu. Prices were higher than Sam Woo but lower than Rendevous. It’s not fancy and I could afford to eat here every weekend.

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