Betty’s Pie Whole

Sand crunches beneath my feet.  An old saloon is before me.  Inside it’s cleaner than the saloons from the old Clint Eastwood westerns.  Scent of pies fill the air.  I take one home.

Whole apple crumble pie.  This isn’t your typical grocery store pie filled with sugary syrup and canned fruit.  Instead this is an extremely dense pie filled with fresh apple slices.   I loved the flavor of the crunchy crust especially the crumbly bits.  Really tasty pie but I prefer the higher crust to apple ratio of the personal size pie.

Personal size on top & middle rack.
I’ve tried the chicken pie but don’t like it due to the addition of parmesan to the crust.  Parmesan is added to the crust of the meat pies so I only get the fruit pies here.  I know it’s going to be a great day if I can get a personal size fruit pie right out of their oven.  Scent of apples and cinnamon fills the air and the flavor is amazing.


Betty’s Pie Whole
155 Quail Gardens Dr
Encinitas, CA 92024
(760) 230-6781

4 Replies to “Betty’s Pie Whole”

  1. Lovely pictures of the interior and exterior of Betty’s. Wonder who lives in the Airstream? Glad you like the pie.

    1. Thanks! It looks like a cute spot for the owner to live.

  2. I’ve driven by this pie house so many times but never stopped by. I love the streusel crumbles on top of pies. And I also am a crust kinda gal (I don’t like mushy fruit). Beautiful pics Soo. Have a great weekend –

    1. The pies are expensive but higher quality than the grocery store. You should treat yourself to a personal size one!

      Thanks! You have a great weekend too Faye!

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