Cafe 21 – Normal Heights

I like this old neighborhood and the mom and pop shops here.  Cafe 21 fits in well with it’s cool decor and friendly staff.  There is a small eating area inside like this place may have been a taco shop a life time ago.
There is a larger eating area outside is what was the parking lot in front of the cafe.

Right inside by the hostess stand are some interesting looking alcoholic drinks in large glass containers.
Along the walls above the bench seating are many different bottles off wine.  While lovely to look at it’s my free birthday meal I’m here for.

Roast pork had a nice salt and pepper crust.  Very juicy and tender pork but I would have liked a little less salt on this dish.  I was impressed by how thick it was.  I usually buy the thin ones but sometimes I overcook it and it turns out on the dry side.  A bunch of very healthy looking veggies also came with this dish which Maggie ate for me.  She says she loved them.  I was saving room for later.  Mariposa Ice Cream is less than a mile away.  That is another story.

Beer on tap.




Happy Hour!


Cafe 21 has a nice, friendly vibe and and the chef has some mad skills.  I joined the birthday club and visited for my free birthday meal. 🙂
2736 Adams Ave
San Diego, CA 92116
(619) 640-2121

4 Replies to “Cafe 21 – Normal Heights”

  1. Interesting, cool, perspective on the interior pictures. Love the creative wall wine rack with the rebar nails! They certainly deserve some parking spaces in the lot. Maybe if they bribe the liquor store owner with food….?

    1. Thanks! Those were some heavy duty nails!

  2. Beautiful pictures of the containers of drinks! The pork chop looks like it was just served, without a plate, and right onto your table.

    I don’t pan fry pork very well either. Usually turns out dry unless I buy great quality pork and cook it medium well. Have you ever tried brining the pork?

    1. Thanks! I removed all the delicious veggies before I took the photo. I didn’t want stuff distracting from the delicious meat. Maybe next time I’ll do before and after photos.

      I have tried brining the pork. It seems to taste about the same as adding salt with pan frying… How do you determine high quality pork from Vons bought pork?

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