Tervis Tumbler

Over the years I have been obsessed with having the best.  I have travelled around town looking for that perfect hot + juicy fried chicken with that perfect blend of spices, pan fried noodles with crunchy noodles, delicious gravy + char sui, artisan ice cream with delicious flavors and a sweet base.  I built my own computers as most of your store bought computers have cheap parts limiting their performance and usefulness.  This is the story about the coolest cup.

Store has a huge selection!

One of the things I hate about drinking ice cold drinks is they don’t stay cold long.  I was lost until I found the Tervis store one day I was wandering around Seaport Village taking a break from a real exciting computer conference. 

Star Wars clearance items!

Lucky me they were having a half off clearance sale on their Star Wars merchandise.  I picked up a couple 24oz tumblers.  Star Wars tumblers are great!  I have cool images of X-Wing fighters on my desk.  High tech double wall construction keeps my drink cold and doesn’t get watered down from the ice melting too fast. 

Snoopy tumbler with ice block.

One trick I found to keep my drink ice cold is to fill the tumbler 2/3 full of water and put it in the freezer overnight.  Then pour your drink on top and close the lid.  This results in the coldest drink I’ve ever had.

My Tervis collection.

Tervis has a variety of beverage containers to keep your drink hot or cold as well as lids and other accessories.

My first Tervis.

A heads up.  In 2018 they are suppose to demolish Seaport Village and turn it upscale.  Don’t know if Tervis will rent space in the new Seaport Village.  http://www.saveseaportvillage.com/news/  If they don’t return I will miss browsing all the cool cups!

Tervis store.


Tervis Tumbler
803 W Harbor Dr
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 557-0430

4 Replies to “Tervis Tumbler”

  1. Cool pictures of your Tervis cups! Love the front sign picture too. Great story, you’ll have to buy more Tervis! ?

    1. Thanks! I found an X-wing fighter cup I’m gonna order off the website.

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever purchased anything from Seaport. I always thought it was a tourist trap with super inflated prices on just about every item (including food). I can’t remember if I’ve passed by this store. How much the snoopy tumbler?

    I also do your ‘free 2/3 of the cup’ trick in freezer 🙂 I love my water ice cold. BUT, have you ever had a tumbler, plastic bottle, etc burst in the freezer due to the water (freezing and expanding in the container)?

    Pretty pictures BTW in this post!

    1. It was $24 with lid. It’s cheaper than buying off the website as you save on shipping. I only buy when Tervis is on sale either in store or on the website. They have a 25% off sale on clearance items on the website right now.

      You are wise. I have had cans of soda explode. Water bottles have deformed. Never had a problem with Tervis Tumblers.

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