Vallarta Express Mexican Eatery – Genesse Av.

Growing up one of my favorite places to eat was Picnic N Chicken.   They all had a drive through and looked like a cute blue and white barn.  Vallarta Express looks like a barn with a drive through.  I wonder if it use to be a Picnic N Chicken.  How I missed the hot juicy fried chicken with that awesome aroma and flavor from their secret blend of spices.  I’ve stopped by Vallarta Express a few times after visits to the nearby Home Depot to get stuff to fix the condo.

The hard shell beef taco was dripping juices.  Hard crunchy shell and the juicy beef was delicious. 

4 beef rolled tacos were crunchy and had good flavor from the beef.  Dry around the edges.  Beef to tortilla ratio not as good as El Indio and beef could use a little more marinade or seasoning.

Carnitas taco came with 2 medium size corn tortillas with mild corn flavor.  Carnitas had nice flavor.  Reminds me of Super Sergios carnitas.

Carne asada taco came with 2 medium size corn tortillas with mild corn flavor. Carne asada had a nice flavor with just a bit of sweetness.

Food here is good enough that I’d return if I was nearby but not as good as Picnic N Chicken.

Vallarta Express Mexican Eatery
4277 Genesee Ave
San Diego, CA 92117
(858) 569-6945

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  1. Pictures came out great! The blue tile really makes them pop! Bummer Picnic N Chicken is not around anymore. I liked their chicken too.

    1. Thanks! We will have to get some fried chicken this weekend.

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