SnoCal Shaved Ice

I was excited to see the SnoCal Shaved Ice truck after I had leftovers for lunch.




Shaved ice was fine, soft, and fluffy.  I loved the soft texture.  When I was a kid I remember snow cones with big bits of ice which the syrup kind of slid off.  This ice is much better. Shaved ice melted in my mouth and cooled me down while the delicious flavors fired off happy neurons in my head.  I tried four flavors with root beer being my fav.  Tasted much like a Barq’s root beer which I love.  Cherry had a bit too much sweetness for me.

shaved-ice-1520Lemon and lime had a bite when I was hoping for a more refined sweetness like 7UP.  Dreamsicle was a mix of orange and vanilla which tasted like a 50/50 bar and my second fav flavor.

Shaved ice machine!
Shaved ice machine!

Wish they had this shaved ice technology when I was a kid.  I watched as the guy shaved the ice while the girl added syrup and toppings.  Good teamwork.  Line moved quickly.  I gotta try shaved ice again.  So many flavors to choose from and I noticed you can get it with ice cream.  Wild!  Wish the truck stopped by my work everyday.

The website tells you where you can find the shaved ice truck.
The website tells you where you can find the shaved ice truck.

(619) 752-0477

6 Replies to “SnoCal Shaved Ice”

  1. Nice! Sounds perfect in the summer time!

    1. It was pretty warm when the truck came by. 🙂

  2. Beautiful pics Soo! I love desserts that bring back childhood memories. I’m not a huge fan of snow cones because I feel rushed to consume it before it becomes a block of ice (esp during hot days).

    1. I love snow cones like I love ice cream cones. They taste so good I have no problem finishing them off quick before it melts. 🙂

  3. The good soft fluffy shave ice is hard to find! Mixing with ice cream sounds delicious! Doubt it would ever turn hard, even if eaten slowly. Love the little umbrella’s!

    1. You gotta go and find that shaved ice truck!

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