Turntable Chicken Jazz – New York

I felt like I was on a scavenger hunt.  I was following my phone to Turntable Chicken Jazz which led me to a nondescript doorway.  Inside it was dark and sketchy looking.  It appeared I needed to get to the 2nd floor and I was about to take the ancient elevator when some building locals asked where I was going.  They told me I needed to walk up this dark & narrow staircase.  

Used flash to light up stairway. Too dark for photo to be visible otherwise.

At the top was a industrial strength door and my destination lay beyond it.  Inside were old mementos of musical history.  Old radios, turntables, and records graced the walls.  

turntable-1895Was a lovely juxtaposition with the otherwise modern decor.  It appeared the wings were the most popular menu item here so I ordered some.

turntable-1905Soy garlic flavored chicken wings batter was very crunchy and the wings had sweet and savory flavor.  Chicken was tender and juicy.  

turntable-1903Bulgogi with stir fried veggies was made with really tender ribeye and had that delicious bulgogi flavor.

turntable-1901Fried dumplings were crunchy on the outside and had some of the same soy garlic sauce as the wings.  I was not a fan of the veggie and glass noodle filling.

My mistake here only getting a small order of wings.  They are the most delicious dish I tried here so I had the waiter bring out another small order of wings.  

turntable-1888There is a nice view of the street from the big windows here.  Service was friendly and pretty speedy.  I’d come here again for a large order of those awesome chicken wings.

View from street.
View from street.

Turntable Chicken Jazz
314 5th Ave
2nd Fl
New York, NY 10001
(212) 714-9700


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  1. Great pictures! Love how the stairway picture came out! You could see it better in the picture than when we were trying to figure out where to go in all the blackness!

    1. Thanks! It was an adventure getting to the chicken wings!

  2. What app did you use to find this place? I’m envious of your food exploration in NYC. I’ve been ordering my wings naked lately – makes em last crispier 🙂

    1. I used yelp. It’s quite handy in finding nearby places.

      You are wise! Do you do that at places where normally they cook them with sauce so it caramelizes onto the chicken?

      You should go to NYC! There are lots of places to try out.

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