Statue of Liberty – New York


I see her in the distance. 

Looking back to New York.
Looking back to New York.


Ferry takes us to Liberty Island so we can see her close up.  Ride across the bay was scenic. 

statue-liberty-1549I admire her fine lines and curves. 

statue-liberty-1557She has a commanding presence projecting hope.




Once on the island I observed the lovely New York skyline and the back of the lady.   Her presence is towering.  Standing beneath her you truly sense how tall she is.

Entrance to the pedestal.
Entrance to the pedestal.
View from the pedestal.
View from the pedestal.

You can visit the pedestal with reservations.  Inside are amazing views of the bay and New York from a higher vantage point. 

Inside the museum.
Inside the museum.
Original torch.
Original torch.

There is also a museum with the history of the statue and the original torch from 1886.  The lucky few with online reservations can visit the crown.  It was amazing seeing in person our lovely lady who has been here since 1886.  It’s tough finding structures in Las Vegas that are more than 50 years old unless you go to the old part.  I brush my hand over the old stone that forms the pedestal as I leave.

Statue of Liberty
Liberty Island
New York, NY 10004
(212) 363-3200

Maggie & Mari

One of cool things of the cool things about our trip to New York was that Mari hung out with us.  Normally I rarely see her as she’s at NYU Shanghai.  This semester she’s studying abroad at NYU.

Mari & Maggie
Mari & Maggie

I miss the old days she lived in town and we went on adventures to places for the first time together like today’s adventure to the Statue of Liberty.

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  1. Maggie Addleman says: Reply

    It sure was nice spending time with Mari! Your photographs are so beautiful, they belong in a book or a frame!

    1. Thanks! You should make a shutterfly book!

  2. Those are pretty pictures. I can’t remember if I’ve ever visited the statue. Mari looks happy !

    1. Thanks! Mari usually has a great time going on adventures with me. You should visit the statue again!

  3. I went to NYC for a middle school class trip! I think we only saw the statue of liberty from the city but can’t remember anymore. I wish I remembered what we did on our ‘adult’ trip a few years ago. Probably exploring for food!

    1. That’s cool you went twice! I’m gonna post about all the cool places we went so I can remember everything. 🙂 I wanna go back and eat more New York food.

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