BO-beau Kitchen + Garden & Coin Haus – Yelp Elite Event

bo-beau-yelp-3021Watch the silver ball.  Use the left and right flippers to keep it from going down the center.  Must be night outside as the flashing lights of the machine are blinding in the gloom.  I have to concentrate.  Ball moves incredibly fast at times.  Faster than I can see.  I press the button for the flippers when I have a feeling the ball is on approach.  Kind yelp friends come by on their way out and give me their wrist bands so I can play on till my wrists give out.  Thanks Rene and Lauren!  I alternate between the Ghostbusters pinball machine and the Game of Thrones but I prefer Game of Thrones.  You can trap the balls and then release them all at once.  It is really exciting having 5 balls in play at the same time.  Nice to know I don’t have to go to the Pinball Museum in Alameda for a fun pinball adventure.

Maggie loves playing PacMan
Maggie loves playing Pac-Man
Pac-Man on the big screen!
Pac-Man on the big screen!
25 beer taps shown. 25 more beer taps on the other side.

bo-beau-yelp-3033Coin Haus has an awesome selection of beer and game machines.  The pinball machines really impress me.  Both are in excellent working condition.  🙂

Nice welcome!
Nice welcome!
Indoor dining area.
Indoor dining area.
Outdoor dining area with Yelp swag.
Outdoor dining area with Yelp swag.
Yelp swag.
Yelp swag.


BO-beau Kitchen has that classy feel with a funky element as there is part of a school bus in the courtyard. 



Loved the fried chicken slider.  You get a big chunk of fried chicken which had nicely seasoned batter.  Chicken itself was juicy and had good flavor. 

bo-beau-yelp-3017Little cupcakes were served for dessert.  My fav was the pumpkin bread pudding which had a strong pumpkin flavor kinda like Costco pumpkin pie. 

bo-beau-yelp-3018Flourless chocolate cake had a bit of crunch to the top and big chocolate flavor in the cake which was quite moist.


I played till I could play no more and wandered off into the quiet La Mesa night.

La Mesa Monday night.

BO-beau kitchen + garden
8384 La Mesa Blvd
La Mesa, CA 91942
(619) 337-3445

Coin Haus
8361 Allison Ave
La Mesa, CA 91942
(619) 741-2288

7 Replies to “BO-beau Kitchen + Garden & Coin Haus – Yelp Elite Event”

  1. Hey do you know about Coin Op in north park? They also have arcade games but I’m not sure about pinball. I tried the Bo-Beau in Point Loma and also their Brussels sprouts at 100 Wines! Yum.

    1. Maggie Addleman says: Reply

      Sounds fun!

    2. I heard about that place. I’ll have to visit and see if they have pinball.

      Have you seen pinball machines elsewhere? I tried one at Miramar Speed Circuit but the machine wasn’t in great shape.

  2. That looks like a delicious fried chicken slider!

    1. Taste as good as it looks!

  3. I love the ads for the Pacific Pinball Museum in Alameda when I go to a movie at Alameda Theater! So funny you have gone here too. 🙂 I’m pretty sure as Lynn said there are pinball machines at Coin Op, but not nearly as many as the pinball museum.

    1. That’s cool you hang out in Alameda and have visited the Pinball Museum! I’ll check out Coin Op.

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