Wingstop – San Clemente

Wings enable flight
Wings help Icarus to burn
Wings help fill me up.

Testing the Iphone 6S at night.

Orlando Florida was the place I experienced many firsts.  First time I visited Disney World.  First time I saw the Tiffany Museum.  First time I tried fried chicken wings tossed in bbq sauce.   I spotted a Buffalo Wild Wings and got hooked.  I’m not a huge fan now as the wings are smaller and are dry quite often.  


As I was in the mall and I noticed Wingstop I thought I’d give it a try.  I ordered the bone in wing with bbq sauce.  It was cooked to order and took 15 minutes.  Bbq sauce and fried wings had a sweet aroma.  Wing was juicy and had a little crunch to the outside while the sauce gave it a sweet slightly tangy flavor.  Very tasty.  The wings are a bit bigger than BWW and juicier.  I do like the honey bbq sauce at BWW a bit better.

wingstop_1242Wish they had that BWW honey bbq sauce here then this would be my go to bbq sauce covered wing joint…

800 Avenida Pico
San Clemente, CA 92673
(949) 492-9463

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  1. Maggie Addleman says: Reply

    Nice iphone picture! We should go back to Orlando and visit Disney World again!

  2. Thanks! Better start saving up!

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