Greek Chicken 9536 Winter Gardens Blvd. Lakeside, CA 92040


We ordered a whole chicken dinner with onion rings, zucchini and pita bread. The portions were very generous and we had plenty of leftovers.


I’ll admit I was a bit leery because of my experience with Daphne’s (they also serve greek chicken) just never really wanted to come back after eating their chicken. It was just okay and the spices were not a good combination.

Upon sitting down, I was pleasantly greeted with very tender and delicious chicken, a great combination of spices! Onion rings just right, light batter with a nice subtle taste. Fried zucchini (a bit bigger than a french fry) spot on, cooked just enough with the same light batter. Pita bread tasted fresh made, very smooth and delicious. The ranch sauce tasted homemade.

greek.chicken.4467greek.chicken.4467greek.chicken.4465Yes I was feeling a bit guilty for not having any raw veggies…. However, they do have greek salads and I’ll have to try one out along with some of their homemade Baklava on my next visit.


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  1. Raw veggies are overrated. They taste so good fried. 🙂

    1. Maggie Addleman says: Reply

      Yes, yes they do!

  2. Great to see you made it out here! It’s always been this good and the salad you will order will be wonderful! Our most difficult choice is whether to get the rings or the zucchini on each visit…and now you know why…

    1. Order both Cathy! You work hard and deserve a treat!

    2. Maggie Addleman says: Reply

      Thanks Cathy!

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