Mr. Frostie

Sun shines hot and bright
Mr. Frostie tempts with cold treats
Chocolate dipped cones.

mr.frostie.4255I found this place in my high school days.  Driving down the boulevard and admiring the ocean and the bikini girls.  


mr.frostie.4258This was the place to go for an ice cream cone or a shake.  



Mr. Frostie making my marshmallow shake

mr.frostie.4262My fav was the Marshmallow shake with vanilla ice cream.  Made extra thick it was mostly ice cream.  🙂  Flavor was mostly vanilla with mild marshmallow flavor.  Delicious treat on a hot summer day.  On my top 10 shake list.


When the day is long and hot I still like to enjoy a shake or cone here and perhaps see bikini girls walking by…

Mr. Frostie
1470 Garnet Ave
San Diego, CA 92109

6 Replies to “Mr. Frostie”

  1. Maggie Addleman says: Reply

    Love the Haiku!

  2. Oh an ice cream cone sounds so good right now on this beautiful Fri. I loved the chocolate hard shell dipped cones the best. I’ve never been to this location. Is Mr Frostie the same brand they sell in El Pollo Loco? I’ve never ever tried a marshmallow shake. I’ve only eaten marshmallows on smores when they’re extra charred from the bonfire 🙂

    1. Go and get a cone Faye! Foster’s Freeze is a huge chain and partnered with El Pollo Loco. Mr. Frostie is the only one and has unique stuff you can’t get.

  3. Since 1949…. I can’t believe I’ve never seen this place! It’s been way too long since having a chocolate malt… mmmm.

    Did you grow up near PB Soo?

    1. Go and get one! You work hard and deserve it. I’ve lived in downtown SD, North Park, East San Diego, Mira Mesa, and University City. 🙂

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