Scripps Ranch Farmers Market

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Her skin is bright orange glinting in the sun. Her scent as you brush against her firm skin sweet like an orange. She opened up to me and I tasted her delicious juices. Flavor was of strawberries and a hint of orange. She left me wanting more. I hoped to see her again but her appearances are rare as a rainbow. But she is here now next to a sign at the farmer’s market: Strawberry Oranges. Some genius crossbred two of my fav fruits. 🙂

Scripps Ranch Farmers Market is bigger than the UTC one and much smaller than La Jolla. There was one big flower vendor and 3 big produce vendors. I made some good finds though. was a honey vendor with orange blossom honey. They put the bee hive in an orange grove and the honey has big bold orange flavor. are attractively priced. There were a bunch of bouquets for under $10. 🙂

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Parking was excellent. Spots are available right next to the vendors. Hurry and you might find strawberry oranges too…

Gerber Daiseys $6/bunch
Gerber Daisies $6/bunch

Scripps Ranch Farmers Market
10380 Spring Canyon Rd
San Diego, CA 92131
Saturday, 9 am – 1:30 pm


4 Replies to “Scripps Ranch Farmers Market”

  1. I was going to visit this market a few weekends ago but decided to go get samples at Costco instead 😉

    How were the food vendors here (I heard they have a poke vendor). Is it a good market to have lunch? I don’t think I’ve ever tried a strawberry orange so that will be a fruit to look out for this season.

    1. You are a smart shopper. They did have some samples at the market.

      The food didn’t really interest me here. I’m spoiled by Donut Bar and Corbin’s Q. They did have poke but I’m not a poke fan.

      If you like strawberries and you like oranges you may love strawberry oranges. If you hate them I’ll eat all of them for you! Let me know if you see them elsewhere as they are one of my fav fruits but I rarely see them.

  2. Soo,

    Thanks for sharing your experience. It makes me want to visit this farmer’s market. I want to try those oranges and buy some Honey!!

    1. Welcome! They have some great stuff you can’t get at a normal store.

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