La Jolla Open Aire Market

And you can see them there,
On Sunday morning
They stand up and sing about
what it’s like up there
They call it paradise
I don’t know why
You call someplace paradise,
kiss it goodbye
The Eagles – The Last Resort
Thanks for the great tunes Glenn Fry.  1948-2016

la.jolla.2608La Jolla.  Place is like paradise.  A mile west of here the land ends and the sea begins.  Refreshing sea breeze flows over the area.  Farmers Market starts at 9am every Sunday.  Not as large as the Little Italy market but then you don’t have to park a mile away.  I love this market because you can find parking and it has the things I’m interested in. 


la.jolla.2623Corbin’s Q has really tasty bbq especially the baby back ribs.  There is the empanada place I need to try.  A European bakery I need to try.  Quite a few other food vendors that I may like.  

la.jolla.2620Donut bar is a good spot to stop for dessert and you don’t have to stand in a long line unlike the Downtown location.


la.jolla.2609There are multiple farmers with a good variety of fresh fruits, veggies, and exotic honey.

Impressive the honey guy has orange blossom honey which I rarely see.

la.jolla.2612There are a few flower and plant vendors.  I added a few herbs to my patio thanks to them.  There are a variety of clothing, artwork, and jewelry vendors.


After I finish my shopping and eaten my fill of bbq ribs the sea calls me back.  Clouds swirl in unique shapes.  The sun will soon set into the sea.

Faye of visited in 2015 and suggested I visit.

 La Jolla Open Aire Market
7335 Girard Ave
La Jolla, CA 92037
(858) 454-1699

4 Replies to “La Jolla Open Aire Market”

  1. Where do you find parking! Last time my ‘secret parking spot’ got jacked 🙁 I still love this market and always have fun exploring the food options. The orange blossom honey sounds like it would pair well with some stinky cheeses 🙂
    I have to try more of Corbin’s bbq – the owner is such a nice guy. And yeah I want to try the empanada vendor as well. Did you happen to get a glimpse of the empanada prices?

    1. Don’t tell anybody but I found a parking spot on the street behind the market. Shh…

      I got a sampler plate of all Corbin’s meats. They taste great! 🙂

      The empanadas were around $2 each… I’ll let you know for sure next time I go.

  2. Maggie Addleman says: Reply

    Beautiful pictures! Love the Glenn Fry tribute! Next time I’ll have to try out more food vendors as well, maybe the crab cakes…

    1. Thanks! We should go halves on some empanada’s!

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