Pure Burger 2641 Gateway Rd, Carlsbad, CA 92009

While quietly anticipating my dinner at Pure Burger, in comparison, I recognized just how few ‘other’ restaurants cater to people with food, dietary restrictions or the menu challenged sounds a bit better to me. I’m one of those people and it’s hard going out and winding your way around each menu and narrowing down the items you may eat. So when I find a restaurant like Pure Burger, I get really excited about the fact that if I want to, I may eat literally anything on their menu! Quite a breath of fresh air for me!

Bison burger and chicken burger.

Bison burger and chicken burger.

My excitement was happily dancing around in my head as I ate my chicken burger on a gluten free bun, the fresh, potato french fries and yes a vanilla, oreo, chocolate liquor, milkshake! The gluten free bun was moist and flavorful along with the juicy, savory chicken breast. I added teriyaki sauce, lettuce, swiss cheese, grilled onion, avocado and pineapple to my build your own burger, the flavors really worked well together. The milkshake was thick, creamy with loads of crunchy oreo’s. Also sampled a few of their craft beers. Decided on the pure pilsner with a nice citrus after taste. The employee who took our order was extremely friendly, helpful and informative about the menu and could answer all of my questions! So delightful! I’m happily anticipating my next visit and thinking I will try the bison burger.

Seasoned fries and pure fries.
Seasoned fries and pure fries.

The interior design is thoughtfully laid out with beautiful wall colors, a handsome mural as a center piece and informative menu descriptions about the food and where it comes from.



The best part for me? On the drive home, my  stomach remained full and happily satisfied. I’ll be back!



Pure Burger not only caters to the menu challenged, but to each and every individual that cares not only about where their food comes from, but how it is prepared and served with such thoughtful, careful passionate preparation.

by Maggie


Stars twinkle in night
Wind sweeps leaves in the distance
Almost time to sleep.

It was dark when I arrived.  I knew I was in the right spot as I looked up and spotted the bright neon sign.  Inside I was surprised to see

Bison burger on the menu.  I was a bit worried as I’ve heard leaner meats tend to be dryer.  My fears were unfounded as I admired the glistening burger brought before me.  There was a satisfying crunch as I bit into the fresh lettuce and bacon.  I tried the burger with pineapple but the perfect combination of flavors seemed to be with bacon, lettuce, and tomato.  I found the burger to be just juicy enough and the flavor excellent.
Bison burger with Pure fries and seasoned fries.
I couldn’t decide whether to get regular fries or the seasoned fries so I got both.  They are about the same size as a Burger King fry but much better.  Flavor was unlike any fry I have had before.  There was a bit of crunch to the outer shell and that was where the wondrous flavor was coming from.  Inside was soft and had rich potato flavor.  Seasoned fries were identical but some cajun seasoning was sprinkled on them.  The added flavor was really good but made me thirsty.  It was a bit like the Magic Dust they put on Red Robin fries.  I investigated further and found fresh cut potatoes were fried in Non GMO Rice Bran oil. Potatoes were blanched and then crisp fried (the french method).
Tillamook ice cream.
Tillamook ice cream.
Extra thick vanilla shake.
Extra thick vanilla shake.
Vanilla shake made extra thick was cold and almost pure ice cream just the way I like it.  Tillamook vanilla ice cream gave the shake a light creamy vanilla flavor.
Pure burger with lettuce, tomato, and bacon.
On a previous visit I tried the Pure Burger made with grass fed beef.  I ordered it with pineapple, bacon, lettuce, and tomato.  Love the combination of flavors and how the pineapple gives it a sweet juicy component.
Beer on tap.
Beer on tap.
Pure Burger appeared like your typical gourmet burger joint but their commitment to using the healthiest ingredients is impressive.  The beef and bison are fresh, grass fed, and free range, antibiotic and hormone free sourced from Sunfed Beef in California.  The ice cream is made with hormone free milk.  Normally I’m not willing to pay a large premium to eat the healthiest ingredients but the prices here are comparable to Smashburger or Burger Lounge.
Time to sleep.  But I will be back another day.
 by Soo
Disclaimer: We were invited to visit Pure Burger. Our meal was complimentary and we were not further compensated for this post.

Pure Burger
2641 Gateway Rd
Carlsbad, CA 92009


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  1. Great pics of the burgers! I never had a burger with a slice of thick pineapple and avocado so that’s a cool combo. My sis and cousins love having a shake after a burger which always confused me. Such a heavy way to end a big ol’ heavy meal 🙂

    1. Maggie Addleman says: Reply

      Oh thanks! When I get a shake usually I drink it along with my burger and fries. It tastes really good that way. Take a bite of burger, then a sip of shake, take a bite of fries, then another sip of shake. Yummy!

  2. is it just me or do you think of In-N-Out/The Habit when you see those burgers wrapped like that? or maybe i don’t eat burgers enough. anyway, it’s great to find a place that fits your food lifestyle. you’ll have to recommend more of these on the blog when you find them! i’m sure a lot of readers would find that helpful!

  3. Maggie Addleman says: Reply

    No, maybe Hodad’s, they wrap the same way. Yea, I was thinking of making a separate tag for special diet’s. Oh thanks! Hopefully I’ll find more. :>)

  4. Why should a restaurant design their menu around any special dietary restrictions ? I think a restaurants job is to provide their best possible food without any restrictions. I think it more annoying to hear so often customers to demand that they can substitute (or skip) ingredients in restaurants as they would go into a restaurant like they could create the dishes.
    Also I couldn’t find anywhere on the restaurant’s webpage that their beef is organic (just natural which has no meaning as it is not regulated compared to organic, and grass-fed doesn’t mean that it is from organic sources. They also don’t list any of their meat sources)

    1. Dear Two Foodies One Journey,

      Thank you for pointing out my error in stating the Pure Burger is with organic beef. It is actually grass fed and free range but not organic. I have updated the review.

      I don’t know where the beef is sourced from but if you are interested the General Manager should have that info.

      I wouldn’t eat at a restaurant that will not remove an ingredient from their menu items. For example I always ask for my hamburgers to be served with no cheese or sauce. I have never found a burger place that insisted I eat my burger with cheese and sauce.


  5. “I wouldn’t eat at a restaurant that will not remove an ingredient from their menu items” – You will miss out at many of the best restaurants in LA or SF.

    1. Which restaurants would I miss out on? I’ve never been to a place that would not remove the cheese or sauce.

      I inquired about where the beef is sourced from and I was told “Sunfed Beef in California.” Adding that info to the review now.

  6. Maggie Addleman says: Reply

    To clarify, dietary restrictions I’ve added the following.
    Food sensitivities are the result of toxic responses to food and are divided into two categories: allergic responses; and food intolerance’s.
    More information can be found at; whfoods.org

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