Florent, San Diego

I leave you with photographs, pictures of trickery
Stains on the carpet and stains on the scenery
Songs about happiness murmured in dreams
When we both of us knew how the ending would be
The Cure – Disintegration 

Braised short rib taco
Braised short rib taco $2


I scrolled through the list of tacos for the Taco Mania San Diego celebration and noticed short rib tacos at Florent.  I dreamed of tender delicious short ribs wrapped in a corn tortilla.
Checking Florent's Yelp reviews.
Checking Florent’s Yelp reviews.
The bar.
The bar.

I arrived at Florent and asked for the $2 short rib tacos.  Nice waiter murmured excuses about some marketing error.  The horror… bait and switched on my short rib taco.    My dreams crushed I tried the salt and pepper wings.  The skin was nice and crispy and the wings had a bit of juice inside.  Not much flavor though.  Needed more salt and pepper.  Golden Chopsticks and Khan’s Cave have much better versions of this dish.

salt and pepper wings
salt and pepper wings
I wandered into the night my heart mirroring the darkness around me.   Dreams crushed like that day back in high school when I asked the cute curly haired girl in drivers ed class on a date and she told me “I don’t think so”.  🙁

672 5th Ave
San Diego, CA 92104


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6 Replies to “Florent, San Diego”

  1. dennis had the exact same issue during taco mania so went with jalapeno pepper taco instead. i’ll probably make tacomania into a photo post to save time.

    bad wings for me, bad wings for you, we need to stop this insanity! where to next soo-ldier? :p

    1. Doh! They have crushed our dreams. Did you order the salt and pepper wings too?

      I’m planning on a eating at Calhoun’s BBQ and Shamrock Irish Pub tomorrow. 🙂

  2. wow that’s a pretty bad error. The wings looked kinda naked and dry. I have yet to visit Golden Chopsticks and Khan’s Cave. You’ve always raved about Khan’s HH so that’s going to be on my list soon to visit.

    1. The staff and owner at Khan’s Cave are really cool and the happy hour discounts nice. 🙂 When you go come by and pick me up! 🙂

      It was weird about the tacos. They should have just made some or made me some equally good tacos…

  3. Not a place for dinner. Had crispy chicken and was horrible. Son had salad with chicken and chicken was microwaved. Had crab cake app and was expensive for size. Would jot come again. This place needs bar resscue

    1. Doh! Maybe Restaurant Impossible can come save them…

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