Crozier Beach, Waialua, HI



Waves breaking on the shore wake me each morning.  Put your ear to a seashell.  You can hear it too.  There was just a small house separating me from the ocean.  I had access to a private entrance to the beach.  There aren’t many people here as there are few public parking spots and only one public entrance.  Each day I would go out and explore.  I marveled at the feel of the coral sands.  It’s coarser than the sand I’m use to in San Diego.  I love this sand as it looks like tiny sea shells and it doesn’t stick to everything.  I waded out to the reef that was at chest level depth.  Snorkeling in the warm clear water I saw many different species of fish.  Best snorkeling I’ve had since The Cayman Islands or Maui.


Friendly dog we shared the patio with.
Friendly dog we shared the patio with.

crozier.beach.6988When it was time to leave the water I found Sylvie’s Stand a block from the beach.  Each day mangoes were placed in the stand and a sign stated the prices for the day.  I bought 3 that were a day from being ripe.  The scent was mouth watering.  When I sliced it open the I was greeted by rich yellow flesh.  Juices poured over my mouth as I took my first bite.  Flavor was incredible.  Best mango I have had.




It is with a sigh I regret to say I only stayed 4 nights yards from the beach.  I miss waking to the sound of the waves each morning and the delicious mangoes from Sylvie’s Stand.







This is my first post.  Be kind.



Crozier Beach
68-639 Crozier Dr
Waialua, HI 9691

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  1. Beautiful pics! Congrats on starting this new blog.
    It’s so hard to find nice delicious mangos here in SD so I’m jealous of the ones you had here. That sunset picture is so pretty.

  2. Thanks! It was kind of you to give me the needed pushes and assistance to get going. Thank you!

    It’s scary buying mangoes here. You never know if it will ripen into a wonderfully sweet one or just stay hard and bitter…

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