• Dessert
  • Mark’s Place

    Rain is falling down hard.  I was hoping to eat here but the only seating is the wet patio tables outside. We get our food to go.  I ordered the special with teriyaki beef, chicken katsu, and beef stew.  The order came with rice with was fresh and moist with a light flavor.  Chow mein […]

  • Kauai
  • Kauai thunderstorm

    It’s dark and I’m asleep. Roar of thunder wakes me.  Lightning flashes and it’s as bright as day again.  I go outside and see light rain is falling and wind whips the leaves.  Every so often I see jagged lightning bolts flash between the clouds.  I feel alive as the wind blows around me and […]

  • Kauai
  • Wailua River Guides

    I remember the last time I hiked to a waterfall.  Back in my college days our photo class got together for field trips.  We took photos of each other in the water.  There wasn’t much water in San Diego so the waterfall was really small.  Secret Falls was quite different.  The quantity of water is […]

  • Birds
  • Anini Beach Park

    Floating in the warm water.  So relaxing.  Sky is so clear.  Blue of the sky is so rich and the fluffy white clouds have so much definition.  I’m sad California air is so polluted a orange haze hides everything.  Below are a good variety of iPhone sized fish.  They like hiding in the coral and […]

  • Dessert
  • Tropical Dreams Kapaa

    Enter and Tropical Dreams looks much like any other ice cream shop I’ve visited.  Look more closely and you can see and feel the difference.  The employees radiate a warmth reflecting that island vibe the locals are known for.  Waiting for my turn in line I also see them moving swiftly as a team to […]

  • Kauai
  • WorldMark Kapaa Shore

    Waves crash against the shore drowning out most other noises.  We are separated from the ocean by the pool and a small strip of sand.    View of the ocean is amazing from up on the third floor.  I watched as light of the sun began to illuminate the darkness and it appeared from the […]