I write poems and take photographs of beautiful things.  I also like to travel to exotic locations to find good things to eat.  You can email Soo at soo@hungryones.com


A couple since 2003 and now on the precipice of this new journey, our fondest hope is this website serves a purpose. One of useful information presented in an elegant, beautiful photographic setting.

Together we love to discover new restaurants, food trucks, diners, café’s, huts or where ever we find food being served. The love of artful, carefully crafted, passionately orchestrated food, beverages and let’s not forget desert, Is something we both enjoy immensely. Immersing ourselves in the history, culture and surrounding locations of our adventures hopefully leads to not only meeting new people, but making new friends, sharing ideas, listening to stories and learning something new everyday.

If you’d like to send a message or comment to Maggie use this link:  maggie@hungryones.com

We just celebrated our 14th Anniversary this October 2016!! So exciting!!

I use a combination of my iPhone and my Fujifilm X-E2 camera for all my photographs. Just depends on where I am as to which one I’ll use to take my pictures with. I love to write original stories combined with my photographs.


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