This Family blog detailing the adventures of Soo & Maggie feature two uniquely talented writers and two visually perceptive photographers in their 2nd year (as of August 2017) of this website.

Soo’s favorite writing style is in poetry, including haiku’s and weaving his childhood memories into the subject at hand. Each story gains insight to another place and time creating magic for the reader. His pictures are stunning and can either make you feel hungry when you weren’t a minute ago or suddenly long to visit that particular destination. That precise photographic eye lends itself to polished quality.

Maggie’s favorite writing style is in short stories, prose and recipes. Her imagination in fictional short stories draws you in keeping you intrigued. Intertwining her love of nature and life experiences in a favorite destination makes for an impressive, introspective narrative. Her pictures focus on intensity and patience for the subject matter. Resulting in intuitive thoughtfulness.

Maggie & Soo have been a couple since 2003. This year (2017) will be 15 years! Occasionally you’ll see one or both of their daughter’s included somehow in the posts.

If you’d like to contact us please do. This blog is created by a beautiful symbiotic relationship between two wonderfully nice people.
maggie@hungryones.com  OR  soo@hungryones.com

We write about places that move us spiritually. We blog about food. We value loyalty, dedication and passion for your business or craft and life saving charities. We appreciate nature in all it’s forms. We love to discover museums, architecture and yes food. We go just about everywhere together and prefer it that way.

Written by Maggie A.

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