• Dessert
  • Afters Ice Cream – Pacific Beach

    I use to surf at Pacific Beach.  Afterwards I’d stop by Mr. Frostie’s for a marshmallow shake.  There are a lot more ice cream choices in this area now.  I was excited to see Afters Ice Cream open.  I visited the Irvine location a few times but the drive and parking kept me from going […]

  • Chinese Food
  • Hing Long Oriental Food Market

    Back in the old days before San Diego’s first Chinese supermarket(Woo Chee Chong) opened we drove to Los Angeles every few months to stock up on Chinese groceries.  We visited small family run markets in Chinatown LA like this one.  At the entrance were exotic plants you won’t find at Home Depot.  The shelves were full […]

  • Post by Soo
  • Yelp Elite Week: Spa Pendry

    Bliss – supreme happiness; utter joy or contentment: Dictionary.com I lay here and I feel bliss.  Half awake.  Half asleep.  I feel so good.  So relaxed.  Wish I could just stay here and enjoy the feeling.  My therapist Abi expertly found and fixed my knots and relieved the tension in my tight muscles.  Fancy oils and lotions left my skin feeling […]