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  • Back Home in Lahaina

    Air was a mix of fresh sea breeze and earthy scent of an ancient forest.  Summer’s heat was stifling but there was cool shade beneath the big banyan tree in Lahaina’s Banyan Tree Park.  It was an amazing tree with 16 trunks and the canopy covered most of the park providing shade and home for […]

  • Burgers
  • Angelo’s Burgers

    Who can resist this huge statue of a slightly balding, smiling gentleman holding a cheeseburger and a frosty cold one? He reminds me a bit of the old Bob’s Big Boy statue’s that seemed to be almost everywhere you went in the 70’s and 80’s. He too was holding a cheeseburger.

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  • Tervis Tumbler

    Over the years I have been obsessed with having the best.  I have travelled around town looking for that perfect hot + juicy fried chicken with that perfect blend of spices, pan fried noodles with crunchy noodles, delicious gravy + char sui, artisan ice cream with delicious flavors and a sweet base.  I built my […]

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  • Sababa Kitchen

    A year ago hot sun blazed down on the dirt and plants here.  At night the stars and the moon provided glimmers of light.  Now neon signs and parking lot lights duel with the moon over who is brightest.  Sababa is new and shiny like this mall.  The last time I visited only Sprouts was […]