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  • Rudy’s Taco Shop

    I see the sea.  Scent of sea salt is in the air.  I feel the sand beneath my feet.  This was one of my fav spots for getting tacos after a drive along the coast with my kid.  I remember in the old days this place was mostly a small grocery store with lots of Mexican […]

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  • TJ Tacos

    It was back in my college days I had my first TJ taco in Tijuana.  An old lady had a cart on the sidewalk.  Juicy meat leaked juices onto the little corn tortillas.  They were small, cheap and delicious.  It’s been a long time since I had a TJ taco so I was excited when […]

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  • Taco Villa

    Place was the General Store in the old days.  After that there was a Cafe.  Now it’s a huge taco shop with lots of outdoor seating.  I visited on taco Tuesday when the tacos are $2.  Watch it as I knew something was wrong when I was billed over $20.  I have decent math skills […]