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  • Greek Chicken – Winter Gardens

    Gold sparkles before me.  Bright like the sun.  Scent of fried fish teases me.  Thin tempura batter crunches in my mouth.  Contrasts with the juicy fresh Alaskan cod.  Flavors remind me of the fish and chips I get at the Del Mar Fair every year.  Batter provides just enough saltiness to liven up the mild […]

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  • Barbusa – Yelp elite event

    I was intrigued when I the Yelp event flier arrived and whole fish was mentioned.  I have loved fish since I was a little kid and my parents bought fresh fish at Woo Chee Chong.  My favorite was the seabass steamed with ginger and soy sauce.  Normally there would be a big line outside before […]