• New York
  • The Islands – Brooklyn

    I visited the Cayman Islands twice. I spent most of my time on secluded Cayman Brac.  There was really good island food and the locals had a friendly relaxed vibe.  I visited The Islands at lunch and it was quiet and the hospitality good like on Cayman Brac. 

  • New York
  • Jus Fishy – New York

    Scent I cannot resist was in the air.  Reminds me of the ocean.  I drew closer and breathed deep.  My eyes marveled at her golden skin.  Flecks of gold glinted in the harsh fluorescent light.  My tongue caressed her bare skin and I was lost.  Exotic flavors filled overwhelmed my taste buds.  Whiting, corn meal, salt, pepper, […]

  • Dessert
  • Blue Marble Ice Cream – New York

    Walking around the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens I got hot and thirsty.  Snack bar had one last container of gelato.  I noticed it was made by Blue Marble Ice Cream.  Gelato was frozen solid and difficult to scoop with the little piece of wood I was given.  Icy texture tickled my tongue.  I was floored by […]