• Garden
  • Sears – UTC

    Sears was one of the coolest stores when I was a kid.  I remember when I was 4 we took the bus on an adventure to the only one in town on Christmas Eve.  Sadly it closed early and we didn’t get to go inside.  It was the biggest store I ever shopped at and […]

  • Birds
  • San Diego Wild Animal Park

    In the beginning back in 1972 there were not many attractions and everybody knew this place as The Wild Animal Park.  I loved it as you could view the animals without peering through bars or cages. Hi tech monorail took you to dry dusty plains of Africa.  The rest of the park involved walking up and […]

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  • Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, New York

    On the Brooklyn Botanical Garden website a plethora of knowledge can be found. Personally I liked the Gardening How-toes section. It contains; garden design, plant choices, sustainable gardening, urban gardening, native flora, growing food, pollinators and birds, houseplants and composting. Think my favorite is the fall butterfly garden. http://www.bbg.org/gardening/how-tos