• Breakfast
  • Jack In the Box – Convoy St

    I couldn’t sleep.  I needed a hot apple turnover.  I needed delicious fried pastry and apple filling flavor.  In the old days I could go to Jack In The Box to satisfy my craving for a hot apple turnover.  Now I have to go to Izzy’s Cafe.  I still visit Jack on my birthday to […]

  • Dessert
  • LouZiana Food

    Driving through the night.  Road was deserted.  I use to either stop at Roberto’s, Denny’s, or KFC.  These places and a few other fast food joints were the only options back in my college days.  Now there are so many choices.  I noticed on This Tasty Life blog that LouZiana Food had opened.  I made […]

  • Burgers
  • Greek Chicken – Winter Gardens

    Gold sparkles before me.  Bright like the sun.  Scent of fried fish teases me.  Thin tempura batter crunches in my mouth.  Contrasts with the juicy fresh Alaskan cod.  Flavors remind me of the fish and chips I get at the Del Mar Fair every year.  Batter provides just enough saltiness to liven up the mild […]

  • Bbq
  • Back Home in Lahaina

    Air was a mix of fresh sea breeze and earthy scent of an ancient forest.  Summer’s heat was stifling but there was cool shade beneath the big banyan tree in Lahaina’s Banyan Tree Park.  It was an amazing tree with 16 trunks and the canopy covered most of the park providing shade and home for […]

  • Dessert
  • Sababa Kitchen

    A year ago hot sun blazed down on the dirt and plants here.  At night the stars and the moon provided glimmers of light.  Now neon signs and parking lot lights duel with the moon over who is brightest.  Sababa is new and shiny like this mall.  The last time I visited only Sprouts was […]

  • Dessert
  • Bobboi Natural Gelato

    She was dark as night.  I walk in shadow and could not resist the attraction.  Even in the light of day she appeared grey to me.  Her scent reminded me of bbq.  I drew her close and I enveloped her in my lips.  She was cold.  My tongue flickered across her slim body and I […]