Blue Bell Ice Cream

I remember that first time at Flemings.  Color was white with a hint of yellow.  Cold and creamy with a strong french vanilla flavor.  So rich and full of flavor.  I tried to get Flemings to sell me an industrial size container but they never came through.  I tried lots of supermarket ice creams but didn’t find a vanilla this good.

I found out Arizona grocery stores sold Blue Bell Ice Cream and made plans for a road trip.

Homemade Vanilla had a rich egg and vanilla flavor.  Dense as Haagan Daz vanilla and more of a french vanilla flavor.  This is the first Blue Bell flavor I’ve tried and it’s delicious.

Natural Vanilla Bean had a very strong vanilla bean flavor and not as dense as the Homemade Vanilla flavor.  One of the best Vanilla Bean ice creams I’ve tried.
Mint Chocolate Chip had strong mint and chocolate flavors.  Delicious  combination!
Strawberries and Homemade Vanilla taste like strawberry ice cream.  Impressive how much strawberry flavor these strawberries have. Supermarket strawberries I’ve eaten generally don’t have much flavor.
Cookies & Cream is full of cookie flavor with minimal vanilla ice cream flavor.  Not sure if the cookies are genuine Oreo’s but the flavor is in the same ballpark.
Cookie Two Step had a nice balance of flavors between the vanilla ice cream, Oreo flavor, and cookie dough flavor.  This is my fav of the cookie flavored ice creams.
I loved all the Blue Bell flavors I tested withHomemade Vanilla, Natural Vanilla Bean and Mint Chocolate Chip being my favorites.  I was really impressed how rich and full of flavor all the Blue Bell Ice Cream was.  It’s close to Ben & Jerry’s richness but only $6.99 or less for a half gallon.    Blue Bell’s website indicated they have Cherry Vanilla & Sherbet flavors available but I was unable to find any in the Phoenix area.  I’ll continue the search for additional flavors to try next visit.
Large Cooler Shock


I took a 40 quart Igloo Max Cold with 3 large & 4 medium size Cooler Shock ice packs.  That left room for 2 half gallons +  1 pint of ice cream.  Ice cream held up well for the 7 hour drive.  Next time I’m gonna bring a Igloo 45656 Yukon Roller Coolers, 50-Quart with the 7 ice packs.

Blue Bell Creameries
1101 South Blue Bell Road
Brenham, Texas 77833

12 Replies to “Blue Bell Ice Cream”

  1. Think my favorite flavor is mint chocolate chip! Wonderful research about the variety of flavors and where to find it!

    1. One of these days I’m gonna find some Blue Bell Sorbet!

  2. Brian Parent says: Reply

    My wife and I are also Blue Bell fans. I agree about the Strawberry, super flavorful!
    We’ve not yet had good luck with the trip from the Fry’s in Yuma to San Diego (3ish hours). Knowing you had better luck encourages me to try again with a better
    cooler, and better ice-packs.

    1. Brian,

      What happened on your trip? What are your fav Blue Bell flavors?

      We drove from Scottsdale to San Diego with a lunch break in Yuma with no problem. I think I overdid it with ice packs as the ice cream was still firm and I didn’t bring home that much ice cream compared to ice packs.


  3. Brian Parent says: Reply

    Wait, almost $1300 for that 50 Qt wheeled Yukon cooler?! Yikes!

    1. I got it for around $250 on a Black Friday deal. I think the cooler is discontinued now. You should get a Yeti. They are suppose to be the best.

  4. Brian Parent says: Reply

    The Pelican coolers promise to keep ice for 7-10 days! That sounds pretty good.

    1. They do sound good! Make sure you get at least a 50QT one or you will be mainly be transporting ice packs like I did.

  5. Christie Lynne says: Reply

    Love BB!! Great flavors you tried!

    1. You are lucky you don’t need to leave town for your Blue Bell! Have you seen their sorbets?

  6. I’ve never tried this ice cream brand. Can’t believe they survived in a cooler for that long of a drive! Impressive.

    1. I had the ice cream completely surrounded by ice packs. Next time I’m bringing a bigger better cooler so I can bring back more ice cream. 🙂

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