Toys R Us – Morena Blvd

Round and round the Christmas tree it went.  Lionel train with different box cars and a caboose.  My first time in a train was at Disneyland.  Lionel train I got for Christmas was next best thing.  Another year I got a Tyco slot car set to race around the Christmas tree.  It was awesome racing at night as the slot cars had headlights.  Each Christmas I looked forward to what awesome present I’d get from Toys R Us.  They had the largest selection of toys in town.

Years later I’d buy presents for my kid at Toys R Us.  She loved Legos, Pokemon cards and video games.  Coming here for birthday and Christmas presents is a family tradition that is now coming to an end.  I stopped by to see how the clearance sale was going.  There is still a lot of stuff here.

Video game systems and bikes are mostly gone.  Max discount is currently 40%.
I loved playing with Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars on my orange Hot Wheel track.  Sometime in April this place will close for the last time.
I miss the glory days when there was a section full of slot cars to choose from.
Years from now when this place is leveled for trolley parking perhaps there will be echoes of ghost slot cars racing in the night.
1240 W Morena Blvd
San Diego, CA 92110
(619) 276-7094

4 Replies to “Toys R Us – Morena Blvd”

  1. Makes my heart heavy thinking about all those toys who need a good home. I was surprised just how well stocked this store still is. Maybe everyone is waiting for the prices to come down more? Lovely story, brings back memories of when our girls had favorite toys, games & dolls here.

    1. It seems internet shopping is displacing many of the stores we grew up with. I still like looking at stuff in person before making a purchase.

  2. Maybe it’s time to go to the virtual stores!
    The real ones are disappearing so fast!
    Would be fun going back to the ones we
    Saw as kids.
    I miss the butcher shops with sawdust
    On the floors and the department stores
    With elevator attendants. Shopping now
    Is wild, crazy and crowded. No wonder
    So many people shop on line.
    Your blog reminded me of shopping
    Trips as a kid. Thanks…

    1. Virtual stores are fine except you can touch it or see how toys work in person. There are still a few butcher shops in town like Siesel’s Deli | Iowa Meat Farms. You are welcome!

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