Rose Parade Post Parade: A Showcase of Floats, Tournament of Roses, Chapter five out of six

The F35 fly by (at the beginning of the Rose Parade televised event) was done to represent donors and recipients. Donate Life float.

Donate Life float, The gift of time. Aztec calendar depicts heroes that have given organs. Made of; walnut shells, sesame & caraway seeds, dusting of cinnamon & cloves.
Donate Life float. This float never fails to inspire me, honoring people whom have given the ultimate gift. The reason for the little round pink sticker on your drivers license, organ donor. Easy to do just sign up at your local DMV.
Donate Life float. Won the Theme Trophy.
So realistic, it seemed as if the Macaw was contemplating flying to the nearest tree. 


Macaws made of; tea leaves and statice.
Hmm, perhaps she will fly over to the nearest hillside?
Just loved this upside down playful Macaw. 
Such a stunning pink color. 


City of Burbank. Sandsational helpers. Won the Founder Trophy.


They believe everyone of every age should recycle.
Kat Glandon, 14 years old, designed this float.
White mums, carnations and poinsettias were incorporated in the float.
City of Burbank float. 10,000 blue iris’s depict the ocean. Notice the potatoes below the mermaids fin.


Recycled water was used to keep flowers alive. Those sneaky seagulls found a bathing suit top!
6,000 roses covered the castle.
Such a cute fishy.


Orange mums for octopus.
Striking color combination.


American Armenian Float, Armenian Roots. Represents hope, joy and optimism. Face made of; ground cinnamon, pomegranate and paperbark.
Honoring those women who have made a difference with acts of kindness and unconditional love. Tapestry of color represents; life, spring, beauty, wealth, faith and courage. Won the Judge’s Trophy.
Headdress made from; kermit green mums, kidney beans and blueberries.
AIDS Healthcare Foundation float, Keeping the Promise.


These flowers are from the AIDS Healthcare foundation float. Alas they were the only pictures that came out good for this float. My hand was getting a bit shaky.



Such vibrant peachy orange color.

Okay so stay tuned for the next chapter! Should be coming along soon. Don’t forget to visit chapter’s one, two, three & four. Wishing everyone who read & view these chapters derive joy & hope for the new year upon us.

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  1. Wow! That’s cool how you are explaining the details about each float! Great photos too especially of the birds.

    1. Thank you so much for your time in bringing us these beautiful pictures with such details.

      1. It’s really just a labor of love for me. As I look forward to viewing the Rose Parade floats immensely each year. Happy to know you enjoyed the post!

    2. The macaws were so striking & realistic I had to get extra shots of them! I find the significance, message & story behind each float compelling & inspiring. Thanks honey!

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